10 Top Facts About Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast is a Disney film released in 1991.

The film begins with a charming-looking but spoiled young prince.

One winter night, a beggar arrived and asked him for hospitality by offering him a rose.

The prince, disgusted by her hideous appearance, refused the gift and chased her away.

A picture of Beauty and the Beast.

At that point the beggar turned into a fairy and punished the prince by turning him into a horrible Beast,

as well as his servants in animated objects and his castle in a gloomy place.

Meanwhile, a girl named Belle watches her father leave for a fair, but Maurice instead of going the right way,

goes in the direction of the Beast’s castle. While Belle was being courted by Gaston,

Maurice’s horse returns to the village to alert Belle, thus setting off in the direction of the castle.

A picture of Beauty and the Beast.


There the Beast decides to segregate Belle from her due to the latter’s decision to free her father.

After a long time together the two begin to fall in love with each other,

when Belle sees her father who is feeling ill she decides to go to his rescue,

from there Gaston and the rest of the villagers manage to find out about the Beast and decide to attack the castle.

A picture of Beauty and the Beast.

Eventually Gaston falls off the castle and Belle and the Beast manage to break the spell, making the curse vanish, so both Belle and Adam can live happily ever after.

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But what are the curiosities related to this Disney movie? Find out below my video:


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