What do can we talk about when we say the words Fantasy Kingdom? Or in this case Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom?

Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom comes from the need to create a single fantasy kingdom that can contain all its worlds within it, you might actually ask yourself a single question available… how?

My biggest project is called: “The king of light”, a Fantasy saga that tells the stories of Fedrick, a crusader sent to another parallel world by a powerful evil force, to whom trying to find his lost love, he adventure in a very long journey that will take him outside the planet, from galaxies.

A very particular and extraordinary adventure at the same time, between ever new and never monotonous worlds, movement and dynamics are the basis of the project, since the same Fedrick never stops, like his friends who support him, namely: Jehrais and Radamantio.

They venture in the parallel world into which Fedrick is thrown, both heading to defeat the order of dark gods who dominate the world with their evil. Such dark order has created an evil triangle by placing them on the tip of the pyramid as evil guardians of the world.

Fedrick observes the Leviathan army advances.

It will be up to Fedrick through his adventures and to Jehrais and Radamantio in trying to best fix things in the world and in the universe, where inside of the events there will be multiple allies who will join their ideal, but like other enemies who will hinder their path to the light.

Beyond the boundaries of the universe and what I myself have created and described, that is, what is even further beyond, beyond the boundaries of the universe itself. You can therefore understand that the space inside is infinite! A space where you can tell any story within it to include other stories, other narratives of pure Fantasy.

My YouTube channel named Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom as well as my Blog tell about all these Fantasy works, works of pure Fantasy that range from the banal everyday reality, so… off to the imagination guys! Below a litle trailer from my Youtube channel: Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom.

Watch the other videos here in my YouTube channel!