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What do have in common Andromeda Shun and Phoenix Ikki? Come and find out here on my blog!

Andromeda Shun and her brother Phoenix Ikki are two orphans picked up by Mitsumasa Kido,

in an attempt to later transform them into Athena Saints. As a child, Shun avoided arguing and seemed much more sensitive than the other boys Kido carried,

being protected by his brother Ikki whenever necessary. Shun was originally supposed to go to Death Queen Island,

but this was stopped by Ikki who demanded that he be sent instead of him.

The two brothers parted ways promising that they would grow stronger and one day return to Japan in their bronze cloths.

At the beginning of his training, Shun repeatedly faltered, but with the help of June,

his training partner, he was able to find the strength to overcome his brother’s lack. To participate in the “Sacrifice of Andromeda”,

the ultimate challenge to conquer the armor, Shun defeated his opponent, proving that he correctly learned the teachings of his master.

A picture of Phoenix Ikki

Subsequently, Shun was chained to some cliffs at the edge of the sea. He would have to concentrate and free himself before the tide fully rose and drowned him.

Unlike the other Saint, Shun did not use strength, but the affection he had for his estranged brother to gain his armor.

After going through Andromeda’s sacrifice, Shun takes his armor and leaves for Japan hoping to find his brother.

However, the events taking place on Death Queen Island prompt Ikki to take revenge on everyone involved in sending him there.

A picture of Phoenix Ikki

During his training he meets a girl he falls in love with named Esmeralda.

She is very similar in both her character and his attitudes to her brother Shun.

One day, however, the girl is killed by Ikki’s teacher: “Guilty” that seeing the anger of the teacher and her totally uncontrolled character,

Ikki brings out his aggression and hatred of her, thus killing the teacher by conquering the Phoenix cloth.

A picture of Andromeda Shun

One day Ikki returns to Japan during the Galaxian Wars who appears with surprise and turns against his brother Shun and the rest of the Bronze Saints,

challenging them in front of all the people, taking the Sagittarius Cloth with him.

After a search and many battles, the Bronze Saints meet Ikki who through their strength combined with that of Seiya,

manage to defeat Ikki and make him come back to himself, where from then on Ikki officially becomes one of the Athena Saints and an ally of the others Bronze Saints.

What do are the differences between Andromeda Shun and Phoenix Ikki? Find out below my video: The comparison between Andromeda Shun and Phoenix Ikki.


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