10 Top Facts About Dark Magician in Yu-Gi-Oh

What are the curiosities related to Dark Magician in Yu-Gi-Oh? Come and find out here on my blog! Yu-Gi-Oh Beginning Dark Magician is a monster-type card with a dark attribute from the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. Yu-Gi-Oh is a popular anime and manga franchise from Kazuki Takahashi that mainly involves characters playing a card game called Duel Monsters, in which each player […]

The Pharaoh Atem and Atum in comparison

What do have in common the Pharaoh Atem with Atum? Come and find out here on my blog! Atem is a pharaoh taken from an ancient Egypt in the work called Yu-Gi-Oh! While Atum in our all day timeline is interpreted as the first self-created Egyptian deity! But what do have in common the pharaoh Atem with Atum? Pharaoh Atem […]