Facts About Dante And The Divine Comedy

What are the curiosities related to Dante and The Divine Comedy? Come and find out here on my blog! Dante Beginning Dante Alighieri, considered the father of the Italian language, has become famous through his countless works, including: “Il Convivio“, “Il De Vulgari Eloquentia“, “De Monarchia“, “Vita Nova” and his most famous and majestic work entitled: “The Divine Comedy“. Dante […]

Marshall D. Teach and Edward Teach

What are the commonalities between Marshall D. Teach and Edward Teach? Come and find out here on my blog! Marshall D. Teach also called: “Blackbeard” is a character present in the work called: “One Piece“. Edward Teach also called him by the name of: “Blackbeard” was the English pirate famous for his raids. What do have in common the two […]

Augustus the Lord of the Rings

What have in common the emperor Augustus with The Lord of the Rings? Come and find out here on my blog! Octavian Augustus was the first Roman emperor, but what have in common between The Lord of The Rings? Augustus who succeeded in passing the Roman Empire from the Republic to the Principate, where the Julio-Claudian dynasty, followed one after […]