Elsa and Rapunzel in comparison

What have in common Elsa and Rapunzel from Frozen and Tangled? Come and find out here on my blog!

Elsa and Rapunzel are two protagonists present in the works called: “Frozen” and “Tangled“. But what have in common the two girls?

Elsa is the protagonist of the Disney film: “Frozen” together with her sister Anna.

Elsa is bound by the magic of the ice that, failing to control this power,

the royals of the kingdom of Arendelle segregated her inside the castle, distancing her from everyone, even from her sister Anna.

Elsa in Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom by Federico Carro
A picture of Elsa.

One day, however, the royals died due to an accident on a ship, where after this happened Elsa was proclaimed the Queen of Arendelle.

During her reception, however, Elsa is unable to contain her powers and she manifests them in front of the entire population,

running away inside her ice castle. After several adventures Anna manages to persuade Elsa to stay with her in Arendelle,

saving the kingdom from the perennial ice formed by Elsa.

A picture of Rapunzel.

On the other side there is Rapunzel, the princess of the kingdom of “Corona“.

When she was still a child Rapunzel was kidnapped by Mother Gothel for her powers,

segregating her inside a tower isolated from the world.

After 18 years the tower was found by pure chance by the thief named: “Eugene“.

He was captured by Rapunzel and together with her they made a pact,

as the girl wanted to see on her birthday the “floating lights” that appear every year on the same day.

A picture of Rapunzel and Eugene.

After various adventures, the two manage to see the night of “floating lights” falling in love with each other,

but Mother Gothel interferes with their love by trying to pit them against each other.

Eventually Eugene sacrifices her life for Rapunzel where she, crying, manages to revive Eugene by being together in their love,

thus finding Rapunzel’s family, that is, the royals of the kingdom of “Corona“.

But exactly what have in common the two girls? Find out below my video: The comparison between Elsa and Rapunzel.


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