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What are the curiosities related to Elsa from Frozen and Frozen II? Come and find out here on my blog!

Frozen and Frozen II are certainly two of Disney’s most epic films, as well as the film that left many emotions in our hearts like Elsa and Anna,

a single magical imprint on our soul. Elsa together with Anna are the two protagonists of both Disney films: Frozen and Frozen II but what are the curiosities related to Elsa?

Elsa born from King Agnarr and Queen Iduna in the kingdom of Arendelle,

has powers linked to ice, where together with her sister Anna, they grew up carefree and quiet, until one day during their usual childish games,

Elsa hit her sister in the head, making her fall to the ground about to be frozen.

The royals immediately rushed to take little Anna to the Grand Pabbie. He performs a magic that replaces his memory, where shortly thereafter,

the royals reduced their staff by locking Elsa in her room to try to control her power.

As time passes, Anna does not understand the reason for this detachment, while both sisters suffer from loneliness, one day the royals venture out to sea, where overwhelmed by a huge wave they lose their lives.

With a broken heart, the two sisters have to bear a very heavy weight on their shoulders,

especially Elsa where three years after the incident the new Queen of Arendelle is proclaimed.

After the celebration Anna presents her “Boyfriend” Hans with the desire of both of them to marry and formalize the wedding by the new Queen,

Elsa quarreling with her sister, loses control revealing her power to the whole kingdom and other allies who have come for the celebration.

So Elsa decided to run away from the kingdom. Here interpreting the legendary song: “Let it go”,

Elsa leaves the past behind her as the position of her queen by opening her life to freedom.

After various vicissitudes Elsa manages to accept her power, making peace with herself as well as with her sister and her kingdom,

where one day during the normal routine of daily life, a voice appears changing the destiny of the sisters.

Elsa despite the fact that she was initially hostile to this change,

she is persuaded by curiosity and sets out on the adventure looking for the mysterious voice.

The two sisters, remembering a song that her mother always sang to them when they were little,

venture into a dense forest forgotten by the sky. Inside, a very strong and mysterious power hovers around the forest,

where venturing more and more inside, they find the four natural elements ready to put Elsa’s abilities into play.

After several attempts to stop Elsa’s power, she finds the direction of the voice, which, trying to defeat the spirit of the water,

represented by a water horse, approaches Antohallan.

Inside her, Elsa delves into the memories of her family, which, by going too deep, she is frozen by the force of distant memories.

With her last burst of energy, she sends the truth of her vision of her to Anna,

the latter understanding what she has to do to save everyone, she sets out for the spirits of the earth element.

After Anna breaks the pact, made some time ago by her grandfather,

by having the bridge destroyed by the earth spirits, Elsa returns to normal and, riding the water horse,

manages to save Arendelle from a huge wave of water that was about to break down towards the kingdom,

the two sisters therefore understand their place and their destiny,

both identified as the fifth spirit according to Jennifer Lee.

But what are the curiosities related to Elsa? Find out below my video: Elsa’s curiosities from Frozen And Frozen II.


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