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Federico Carro (Frederick A. Chariot) is an Italian author known for creating a series of fantasy novels titled, The King of Light, and its spin-off, The Knight of Light. His fantasy work has had several editions in English and has won several awards in the literary and cinematographic fields through numerous Italian and foreign film festivals and competitions.

Life and career

Early life and education

Born in La Spezia on June 15, 1991, Federico Carro know by his pen name Frederick A. Chariot grew up in Vernazza, surrounded by the radiant nature of those enchanted places, spending his time immersed in the panorama of the sea and hills, drawing and painting landscapes, taking inspiration from them for his subsequent works.

In elementary school he meets the one who will become her childhood friend, with whom he will share laughter and good times with her. Subsequently he enrolled in the Art School, where the artistic side of him emerges more and more, revealing his interest in the world of writing.

There Federico learns a lot about how to use the Macintosh and the use of the computer in general, knowing and studying more the program: “Photoshop” and: “Illustrator” which he will use many times during his subsequent graphic works, creating many graphic logos, posters, business cards, book covers and other projects that lead him to receive various school-related awards.

Shortly thereafter he wrote his first draft of his book “Il Segreto del Verziere”. Towards the beginning of his senior year in high school, her childhood friend she is victim of an accident, an event that changes the artist’s course, prompting him to devote himself mainly to the world of music.

The imitation period

Post-School Period

About that incident he wrote a poem dedicated to her, which later became his first song. Later he enrolled at the academy: “Nemo” in Florence, where he spent several periods of study and work, participating in workshops with characters such as: “Alex Orelle”, “Liron Topaz”, “Lindsey Olivares” and “JP Vine”. After that period of study he thus becomes a 3D generalist, creating several Reels for personal use.

After school Federico begins to take singing, arrangement, piano and composition lessons, to which he soon begins to outline the project of his first musical album. Meanwhile the interest in various Pop music artists, such as: Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera makes him grow more and more, Federico begins to imitate his idol Michael Jackson in dance, taking Hip – Hop lessons, thus performing in the surroundings of his country as his imitator.

Expanding his interests from Pop music to Blues and Jazz, to which he manages to create a small musical group, playing mainly pieces of Jazz, Blues and Bossa Nova as a piano accompanist, Federico in continuing to work of the album, works in parallel to write his first novel “Il Segreto del Verziere”. Shortly after he ends his first song dedicated to his missing friend, entitled “Come un Lampo”.

The musical period

Musician career

Subsequently the group disbanded, Federico then decided to take off the project of his album, through an independent recording studio in Carrara called: Nautilus Rec Studio. Thanks to the help of his sound engineer and other collaborators who give him support, Federico manages to complete the album, titling it “Come un lampo”, where from it he manages to create his first music video on the song of the same name. At the same time he manages to finish other music videos such as “Lovely storm” and “Replace my soul”.

Later Federico met Marco Stanzani, promoter of the likes of Lunapop, Renato Zero, Pooh, Paola and Chiara, Modà, Loredana Berté and many other artists who launched him in the Italian charts, with his debut single: “Brucerei il fuoco per te” extracted from his first album “Come un lampo”.

The single is placed in 36th position in the charts of independent Italian artists, in the charts of emerging artists in 5th position and second for two weeks in the charts in Rockol’s Absolut Beginners, among the most listened to rookie artists on radio throughout Italy.

Meanwhile, that the single was broadcast on hundreds of radios around Italy, Federico decided to shoot the book trailer of his second novel in Turin, where during the shooting, he was contacted by an international record company in New York, the: “Bentley Records” which, collaborating with record companies at the level of Sony, Universal music and Warner music, decide to promote his second unreleased album abroad. Continuing his second music album, in which Bentley Records, gives him the opportunity to shoot a video clip in New York, for his upcoming release single “Starlight”.

The second and third album

The second album Starlight

After the end of the aforementioned album, in the summer the author launches the first single “Starlight” which gives the name to his second music CD and, subsequently, “Looking for pain” in all Italian radios and many regional TVs, managing to finish with the latter on Vuemme TV.

The single “Starlight” manages to place itself on the Italian and European Charts, managing to finish two positions below Adele’s “Hello” and a position of “No hero” by Elisa at 76th position, 51st in the Euro Indie Chart between the most listened to singles throughout Europe.

Federico is invited to perform at the Navile theater, founded by Lucio Dalla, winning a certificate of merit for the most original musical part. Subsequently the third single “Rising Flame” comes out, also ending up in the magazines of: “Vip”, “Visto” and “Classic Rock”, in which with the video of “Rising Flame”, it becomes the soundtrack of the program: “Ora musica” and video of the week on: “Vuemme”.

Subsequently he is invited to Sanremo Sol to present his latest record: “Starlight” for which the live music video of the piece “Starlight” is presented. Now struggling with his literary projects, Federico composes and writes a musical album entitled: “The King of Light”, an album of instrumental music, made with the first musical works written by the author, using them for his personal videos, thus advertising his literary works.

The birth of the saga

Literary career

Frederick A. Chariot while continuing to make his first musical album, at the same time he made his first book entitled: “Il segreto del Verziere”. Once the novel is finished, he makes a promotional video using the glimpses and the mysterious places that frame Vernazza.

At the same time from reading medieval stories and legends, he finds interesting glimpses of the city of Turin, to which, studying its archaicity and the mystery that surrounds it, he taking inspiration for his second novel, titling it below “Il Re della Luce l’Ordine degli Dèi Oscuri”.

Subsequently he gets the opportunity to present his first novel at the Turin international fair. At the same time with this event, Federico works parallel to the sequel and the English translation of his second novel, thus creating his first book in English entitled: “The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods”, to which he is invited at the Turin International fair, presenting both his second novel in Italian and the one translated into English.

A new Fantasy World

The King of Light rise

Then he realizes the sequel to his second novel, in fact his third book entitled: “Il Re della Luce l’Esercito Leviatano”. A short time later he created another English version of his third novel entitled: “The King of Light the Leviathan Army”.

Waiting for the other planned projects to be finished, Federico Carro is contacted by a North Carolina publishing house, the: “Wisdom house” to which interested in producing his second novel in the United States and Canada, they work together to create a new book in English for to be promoted abroad.

Meanwhile, new projects are revealed in the light, in which a new revision of the first novel: “Il Segreto del Verziere” is thus warmly welcomed by a poet writer, as well as a RAI journalist and university professor of the caliber of Renato Minore, agreeing to write the preface of the manuscript and, following the new volume, Federico will present it to the major publishing houses in Italy.

From this project arises the English version, translated by the author himself: “The Secret of the Orchard”, where in a short time he creates a new book trailer in an Italian version subsequently translated into English. He is then contacted by James Essinger, a literary agent and owner of an English publishing house and graduate of Oxford, proposing to publish under his publishing house: “The Conrad press”, his third novel: “The King of Light the Leviathan Army”.

The best author project

The King of Light project

Meanwhile, the author wins the second prize in an international literary competition: “Emily Dickinson” with her novel by Sovera Edition: “Il Re della Luce l’Ordine degli Dèi Oscuri”. From that event Federico decided to have his works participate in literary competitions. At the same time he managed to write and publish his first collection of poems entitled: “Scintille di Vita la Forza della Natura”.

In parallel, his third novel in English is released in England: “The King of Light the Leviathan Army”, Federico manages to publish the new edition of his first novel: “Il Segreto del Verziere”, titling it with a new name: “Le vestigia dell’antico splendore” under the new publishing house: “Luigi Pellegrini”.

Shortly after, his second book in America also comes out under the publishing house: “The wisdom House” that is: “The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods”. Subsequently he won several international literary prizes both in first place and as an honorable mention with his poems taken from his collection. Federico Carro is chosen with one of his poems in the Mogol anthology.

Subsequently the author decides to take a break, deciding to open his first blog called: “Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom” and then create his YouTube channel which he continues to manage together with the site. While Federico thinks about the process of how to advance his novels, he creates another blog focused on book and video game reviews called: “The Gamer Novelist”.

In the meantime the author wins other film festivals around the world and manages to fix his project, thus creating a succession of books to maintain, thus defining the main plot of his largest project called: “The King of Light”. Federico Carro thus sets himself the goal of creating twelve plot novels, plus other novels that will outline the plot, thus improving some aspects of certain characters and plots.

The author thus resumes his first novel of the saga called: “The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods” modifying it all from the beginning to eliminate plot holes that had arisen, thus managing to tie all the novels he has thought about creating.

Below the trailer of my first novel of the saga entitled: “The King of light the order of the dark gods”.


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