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What have in common the two characters like Hans and Eugene?Come and find out here on my blog!

Tangled and Frozen are certainly among the most popular Disney films as well as the most famous, but What have in in comparison Hans and Eugene?

Eugene of royal origin born in the Dark Kingdom by his father the King Edmund and his wife,

one day in his childhood the kingdom was corrupted by a powerful opal that threatened to destroy the land.

The King ordered immediate action to evacuate all the people within his kingdom, where his son Eugene was escorted out of the kingdom by servants,

later placed inside an orphanage to protect him from the kingdom’s evil.

Hoping that one day his parents would take him back, Eugene strongly believed that his parents were adventurers always looking for adventures.

In the meantime and in the hope that his parents could return, Eugene spent his time with other companions at the orphanage,

especially with his best friend: Arnwaldo Schnitz.

Every night, Eugene would read “The Tales of Flynnigan Rider“, the stories of a swordsman adventurer,

who always ventured into new adventures due to his thirst for exploration in new places.

The more time passed, the more Eugene wanted a more daring life with many adventures,

thus interrupting one day his routine inside the orphanage, thus venturing with his friend Anrwaldo.

Eugene grew day by day with his friend, becoming a skilled swordsman and adventurer under his new name: Flynn Rider,

where that name honored his childhood hero: “Flynnigan Rider.”

In a short time Eugene became very famous all ‘inside of Corona the famous kingdom where Rapunzel was subsequently born,

where the girl had to be the new ruler, if she had not been kidnapped by the evil Mother Gothel.

Eugene thus became one of the most notorious bandits,

hated and despised by many people who became his enemies,

who even wanting to plunder regions far farther from Corona like Italy, became more and more solitary,

where one day he met a ruthless boss named “the Baron“, where during their collaboration,

Eugene felt an ever greater affection for the daughter of the boss named: “Stalyan“.

One day the two got engaged, who wanting to get married,

Eugene left the girl at the altar, making the girl and her father an enemy.

His life changed quickly when he met Rapunzel, who, feeling a weakness for the girl by being together in various adventures,

finally managed to save her from the evil Mother Gothel, who kept her segregated on the tower,

bringing her back to her kingdom Corona from her parents.

Meanwhile in another kingdom not very far from the kingdom of Corona, there was the kingdom of Arendelle,

where presumably towards the Southern Isles of Arendelle there are the southern islands where Hans was born.

He is the 13th prince who, being the last heir of the throne, was abused by his brothers both psychologically and physically.

While his father proudly watched his older children grow up to his expectations,

he did not even accidentally look at Hans, thinking of the latter as the weak link in his family.

From day to day his hatred for his brothers grew, as did the general hatred for his family,

where the only person he tried to help even in family diplomatic situations was Hans’s mother.

To try to escape from his family situation by being the last heir to the crown of the kingdom,

he studied a plan which consisted of taking someone else’s kingdom by making it his own in order to injure his family.

After hearing the news of Princess Elsa’s coronation and having no husband as his suitors,

Hans thought it best to create a plan to marry Elsa and become the ruler of Arendelle.

With the advancement of destiny that deviates the course of Hans’s plan, the latter meets Elsa’s sister,

that is: “Anna” to whom the girl falls in love with him, changes everything to try to marry Anna and subsequently kill Elsa to become the king of Arendelle,

so as to take revenge for the wrongs suffered by his family, becoming someone in the eyes of his father and his brothers.

When Elsa runs away after her coronation as queen of Arendelle,

Anna openly declares that to preside over the kingdom momentarily in its essence it will be Hans,

where in trying to help the people of the kingdom suddenly Anna’s horse appears in front of the castle,

thus leaving to find the two missing sisters. Finding Elsa inside her ice castle, the girl faints with the fall of the chandelier,

when she wakes up she finds Hans telling him not to fear for her fate,

while in the other room she leaves Anna at the mercy of the power of her sister who it froze his heart.

The characters come out of the castle, while Elsa is about to be hit by Hans,

Anna intervenes and saves her sister from the lethal blow of the prince who is eventually jailed and sent from his place of origin.

But what have in common Hans and Eugene? Find out below my video: The contrast and the comparison between Hans and Eugene.


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