Il Re della Luce
l’Ordine degli Dèi Oscuri

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Il Re della Luce L’Ordine degli Dèi Oscuri is the second novel by Federico Carro know by his pen name Frederick A. Chariot. The novel is the first volume of the fantasy trilogy called: “Il Re della Luce” which tells the story of Fedrick, a crusader who is catapulted into a parallel world from his original world. Fairy-tale fantasy in a modern key, with some classic hints, “Il Re della Luce l’Ordine degli Dèi Oscuri” is a novel that combines the intimate notes of the delicate love story between the protagonists: Fedrick and Isabel. The story of the young crusader leads the reader, through evocative atmospheres, enchanted places, unique and particular characters, to a Turin as coveted as it is mysterious. This will lead Fedrick to understand that all areas of that world are governed by the Order of the Dark Gods, and that what he wants will be part of an ever bigger and more difficult plan to manage. A story full of unexpected events, unpredictable and always dynamic, through a totally new world to discover. Available on amazon and many other digital stores!


The first book of the initial trilogy

Il Re della Luce L’Ordine degli Dèi Oscuri is written in the same aulic style as the author’s first novel, but differs from the use of words, as it turns out to be a less sought-after but more dynamic language than the first novel, where the plot takes place slowly here instead.

Il Re della Luce L’Ordine degli Dèi Oscuri plays a lot on the dynamism of events, it is rich in plot and details. The story takes place during the end of the first crusade, where a crusader named Fedrick intrigued by a very particular light, ventures inside the Holy Sepulcher, where inside he finds a green stone that, taking it for himself, falls from his hand and it breaks.

From this stone comes an evil being that stuns him and sends him to another world other than his, there he discovers that the battle that was about to take place disappears completely, leaving room for a desert of sand with nothing around him. Deciding to continue towards an unknown street, he embarks on a long adventure in search of Isabel, a girl he met in Turin, to whom, however, this city will result in this parallel world, the capital of a forbidden and evil empire.

Together with other cities such as: “Lyon” and “Prague”, Fedrick discovers that these cities are the capitals of a world divided by beings who call themselves: “Dark Gods”. It will be up to Fedrick and his friends Jehrais and Radamantio to try to permanently destroy these evil ones from the world.


The work is a fantasy novel written in a fairytale key and is presented in the same aulic style as the author’s first novel, but differs from the use of words, as it turns out to be a less sought-after but more dynamic language than the first novel, where here the plot unfolds slowly. Instead The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods plays a lot on the dynamism of events, is rich in plot and details, as well as in metaphors, oxymorons and at times prevails in an Italian baroque style of the seventeenth century.

The book is divided into ten chapters:

  • Chapter I – Un mondo parallelo
  • Chapter II – Gaza e la sua oscurità
  • Chapter III – L’imperatore del male
  • Chapter IV – Kinsguard e l’Ordine Oscuro
  • Chapter V – Verso l’Impero Proibito
  • Chapter VI – Nel bel mezzo della tempesta
  • Chapter VII – Verso terre lontane
  • Chapter VIII – Il risveglio dei sovrani
  • Chapter IX – Torino e Isabel
  • Chapter X – Verso l’alba di nuovi perché

This work differs in some features, especially on the name of Fedrick’s girl. Her name was changed by the author for personal reasons, in fact in this version the name of Eleonor is still present, later changed to Isabel. Also, since the novel already featured a girl named Isabel, that is Flemgard’s girlfriend, her name was changed to Elizabeth. Furthermore, this edition still comes with old details that the author wanted to cancel over time, including some jokes about the characters, as well as certain metaphors and descriptions that were too incomprehensible and easy to misunderstand.

Below the trailer of my first novel of the saga entitled: “The King of light the order of the dark gods”.


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