Interesting Facts About Final Fantasy X and Tidus

What are the curiosities related to Final Fantasy X and Tidus? Come and find out here on my blog!

Final Fantasy X Beginning

Final Fantasy X is the tenth installment of the series called: “Final Fantasy”, developed and published by Squaresoft.

The game begins with Tidus where Sin intervenes during a Blitzball match and, through Auron,

Tidus is catapulted into an era far removed from his reality.

Inside this world called Spira, life is perennially threatened by the gigantic monster called Sin,

where Tidus luckily manages to get to Besaid, there he meets Wakka, Lulu and above all with the summoner: “Yuna“.

After Tidus becomes the guardian of Yuna, the group together with Kimahri, Auron and later Rikku,

set out in the direction of Zanarkand, to take the Final Aeon to defeat Sin.

However, their adventure changes when the evil Seymour tries to take Yuna with him.

A picture of Tidus and Yuna


The group therefore betrays Yevon’s creed thus becoming infidels in the eyes of the priests.

Managing to take Yuna and escape from Bevelle, the group is chased by the Yevonites,

where in trying to stop them, they unleash the Dark Aeons against them to try to block their way.

However, the group manages to get to Zanarkand. They discover that Yunalesca,

nothing more than the daughter of Yevon, says that if they want the Final Aeon,

a guardian must sacrifice himself to be transformed into it.

A picture of Tidus

The group refuses and they fight against Yunalesca. It seems that the last hope of the world has vanished,

but they start studying a plan to attack Sin. Now made aware of Yu Yevon’s existence,

Tidus suggests a new way to destroy Yu Yevon’s spirit within Sin.

The party wages a full scale attack on Sin with the airship.

Sin was defeated by the force of the group, but upon entering Sin they find Seymour waiting for them.

A picture of Tidus and Yuna


He wants to become Sin itself to control it, but luckily the group manages to stop it and move on.

Inside Sin is the person previously transformed into Sin, that is Jecht, the father of Tidus.

The group clashes with Jehct winning the challenge, where the spirit of Yevon who controlled him finally comes out of him.

Taking advantage of all the Aeons taken during the adventure, Yevon is defeated, as well as Sin who dissolves into nothingness.

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But what are the curiosities related to Final Fantasy X and Tidus? Find out below my video: Interesting Facts About Final Fantasy X.


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