Interesting Facts About Frieza from Dragon Ball

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Frieza is the main antagonist of the entire Dragon Ball franchise, considered the greatest enemy and archenemy of Goku and all the Saiyans.

The first time Frieza appeared it was on Namek in search of the Dragon Balls to become immortal.

Hearing the conversation between Vegeta and Nappa, Frieza decides to land on Namek with his subordinates.

There he manages to find the Dragon Balls by threatening the few remaining Namekians.

Vegeta, however, arrives in trying to stop his plans and tries to take the Dragon Balls for himself.

Frieza on Namek.

Frieza, however, calls the Ginyu Force, where Vegeta allies himself with Gohan and Krillin,

they too on the planet in search of the Dragon Balls, to try together to defeat Frieza’s special force.

At that moment Goku arrives and together they manage to overwhelm the Ginyu Force.

Frieza left alone with no more subordinates there on Namek, he has nothing left but to fight.

Initially his strength manages to prevail over the warriors,

but after exaggerating in hitting Piccolo and and making explode Krillin, Goku turns into Super Saiyan.

Frieza fight with Goku.

The challenge is rekindled and the two fight the longest and most exciting challenge the world has ever seen.

In the meantime, however, through Kami they manage to bring the Namekians and the Grand Elder Guru back to life,

where Porunga also comes back to life as a result.

Dende then expresses the desire to bring everyone to Earth except Goku and Frieza.

The two then continue to fight, but suddenly Goku abandons the fight as he realizes that Frieza’s strength is constantly waning.

So before it can explode the planet, Goku moves away but is betrayed by Frieza.

Frieza fight with Goku.

Goku then ends their fight with one last shot of energy.

Later the planet explodes but in the end both Goku and Frieza manage to survive.

Frieza rebuilt with mechanical parts goes to Earth to take his revenge on Goku,

but there he will meet another Super Saiyan, namely Trunks who will eliminate him permanently.

But what are the curiosities related to Frieza? Find out below my video: Interesting Facts About Frieza.


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