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Is Tarzan Really Elsa And Anna’s Brother? Come and find out here on my blog!

Tarzan is the titular protagonist of Disney’s 1999 animated feature film of the same name,

while Elsa and Anna are the protagonists of the famous Disney film: “Frozen“, but is Tarzan really Elsa and Anna’s brother?

Tarzan commonly known as the Ape Man, when he was still a baby he was carried by his parents after a fire in their burning ship,

landing on the African coast. Inside a jungle they built a tree house but on a terrible day they were attacked by the leopard: “Sabor” who killed Tarzan’s parents.

When the child was about to be killed by Sabor too, a female gorilla named “Kala” intervened and saved him by taking him away with him.

From that day on, Kala managed to raise him as her son within her gorilla community,

growing stronger and stronger every day until he became an adult.

One day while he was playing with his other mates, he hears a noise in the bush.

A picture of Tarzan.

As he comes close, it turns out to be Sabor. Kerchak fights but is injured by the leopard.

Tarzan fights the leopard, and get scratched on the chest in the process. He steps in and kills the leopard with Kala,

Tarzan then presents Kerchak Sabor’s corpse, earning his reluctant respect.

Almost instantly later, they hear a loud noise in the forest.

Tarzan approached out of curiosity and found Clayton – the bodyguard of Professor Archimedes Q. Porter and his daughter, Jane Porter.

After various vicissitudes the three characters were about to leave, but Tarzan now in love with Jane decides to show the gorillas to the three.

Clayton, however, takes advantage of this to capture the gorillas, where Kerchak is killed by Clayton.

Eventually they manage to get rid of all the people and Clayton is killed by the vines. So Tarzan and Jane remain with her gorilla family.

A picture of Anna.

On the other side of this fascinating theory are Arendelle’s sisters: “Elsa” and “Anna“.

They were born in Arendelle from the King and Queen of that enchanting place in Norway.

Elsa the first child of the royal couple, was born with a magic centered by ice,

one day hitting her sister Anna by mistake, their parents had to erase the memories of their sister and the memories of the powers linked to Elsa,

Elsa and Anna by Federico Carro present on Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom
A picture of Elsa and Anna.

where she had to stay in the castle away from everyone to try to control her powers which were getting stronger by the day.

The King and Queen of Arendelle went out to sea on a ship until one day that ship was wrecked.

But was this ship really wrecked? Did Elsa and Anna’s parents really survive to land on the African coast with Tarzan? Find out here in my new video: Is Tarzan Elsa and Anna’s lost brother?


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