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What do have in common Kuja and Leonard Testarossa? Come and find out here on my blog!

A powerful sorcerer Kuja while Leonard Testarossa is a great war strategist, as well as both very ambitious, but what do they have in common?

Kuja was born from the magic of Garland to fulfill the plan of the one who created him. Kuja is basically an Angel of Death born already adult,

where being born in this way he doesn’t have the time to assimilate the human emotions, necessary to enter Trance.

The goal set by him by Garland is to reap more victims within the world of Gaia, to replace them with the world of Terra,

trying to replace the souls of Gaia with those of the terrestrial. Kuja, born to incite wars between peoples,

has a very dangerous mix, dictated by his ambition and strength, a difficult mix for Garland to unravel.

Though Garland never told him, Kuja was just a temporary Angel of Death intended to kill people on Gaia until Garland could perfect the real Angel of Death: Zidane.

Where Zidane unlike Kuja is born and thrives since he was a baby, so that he can perceive human emotions and enter Trance more easily.

Kuja discovering this reality, his refinement, his logical coldness became pure madness. Kuja kidnapped Zidane leaving him on Gaia,

Garland discovering this exiled Kuja to the world of Gaia, thus plotting against his master Garland.

Kuja later becomes a weapons supplier to Queen Brahne so that she can conquer the neighboring nations of Burmecia and Lindblum and capture their crystal shards and then use them against Garland,

where the weapons provided by Kuja are the black magicians, soulless golems. who wield powerful magic.

Subsequently after various adventures with Zidane in taking back Garnet the daughter of Brahne together with her group,

Queen Brahne decides that Kuja is no longer indispensable, attacking him with Bahamut, where he replies the attack by calling the Invincible to take possession of Bahamut, thus killing Queen.

Garnet is crowned the new queen and Kuja returns to Alexandria killing her with his new Eidolon.

Kuja summons Bahamut and orders him to destroy the kingdom, where later Eiko and Garnet together manage to recall Alexander thus destroying Bahamut.

Kuja observing the power of the new Eidolon tries to take it for himself by invoking the Invicible, where Garland noticed this,

ordering the Invincible to destroy both the Eidolon and the city. Kuja at that moment goes away pondering more and more his revenge to destroy Garland.

Subsequently, after several adventures against Zidane’s group, Kuja realizes that an Eidolon is not necessary to defeat Garland, but that it is enough to feel emotions and enter Trance.

When Zidane and his group defeat Garland, Kuja appears with the Invincible, after which, battling with Zidane’s group, he enters Trance and kills Garland.

Leonard from an early age has always had an extraordinary intelligence being a Whispered.

One day his mother Maria gladly offered him to a group of kidnappers in an attempt to save himself, while protecting her daughter Teletha Tesarossa instead.

Leonard was caught and indoctrinated into the group known as Amalgam, where Leonard never forgave his mother for this gesture.

Within the Amalgam organization Leonard grows up by becoming undercover under another name, called Mister Silver,

becoming one of the most influential in the organization. Inside the Amalgam he manages to create many technological weapons,

managing to insert the Black Technology inside the Arm Slaves, thus creating the Behemots and also the Venom,

as well as his most powerful weapon that only he uses: the Belial. Amalgam’s goal as well as Leonard’s is to use Kaname Chidori’s knowledge to activate a machine that can turn their time back.

So in doing Leonard he would have used Black Technology to quickly end the Cold War,

where instead in their time the Cold War has been prolonged for many years, thus creating Arm Slaves, intelligent machines with a high degree of destruction.

Thus observing the various fights of Sousuke Sagara With the Arbalest, Leonard decides to intervene in person, presenting himself in front of Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori,

telling him to deliver the girl to him in a peaceful way, without running into violence. Sousuke Sagara in love with Kaname Chidori,

where she too shares her love for the boy, both reject Leonard’s proposal, who then decides to engage in a battle against Sagara’s Arbalest shortly after.

The latter is defeated by Leonard’s Belial, to which Chidori volunteers to be kidnapped by Leonard to save Sagara and take her away with him.

While Sagara tries to gain experience to improve his skills to try to defeat the Belial, Leonard manages to fix all his equipment to make his dream come true.

Eventually Sagara rushing with the Arbalest to Leonard’s Isle, these two clash in their final fight, while Chidori must battle with her mental host Sophia, to try to see whether to stay in their time, or go back and do it again. another different timeline.

But what do have in common Kuja and Leonard Testarossa? Find out below my video: The comparison between Kuja and Leonard Testarossa.


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