Luca and 5 Terre similarities

What are the similarities between the film Disney: “Luca” and 5 Terre? Come and find out here on my blog!

What have in common the Disney film “Luca” with the 5 Terre?

Luca is a Disney feature film produced by Pixar. The film is about a sea monster called: “Luca Paguro” who,

bored by his life always the same under the sea, decides to take the road to head towards the mainland.

Shortly before trying to rise to the surface, however, he runs into the character who will later become his friend, namely: “Alberto Scorfano“.

A picture of Luca, Giulia and Alberto.

The two thus become excellent friends, where by dating more and more continuously,

Luca’s parents begin to get suspicious, deciding they want to relegate their son to the abyss.

However, Luca manages to escape to the surface and, with Alberto, they go to Portorosso.

There the duo meet the unpleasant: “Ercole Visconti” and the very nice: “Giulia Marcovaldo” where together with the latter,

the trio becomes a very close-knit team. They decided to participate in the Portorosso Cup, the trio is committed to defeating Ercole and to win the trophy.

Eventually the friendship wins and the duo are discovered as sea monsters, and accepted by the community of Portorosso.

A picture from the 5 Terre.

On the other hand there are the 5 Terre, five towns in Liguria. The 5 Terre which include:

Monterosso“, “Vernazza“, “Corniglia“, “Manarola” and “Riomaggiore” have become a UNESCO World

Heritage Site thanks to the help of the 5 Terre Park which has emphasized its presence to a world audience.

Much loved in the world and especially by Americans, the 5 Terre represent one of the major points on the objectives of the average tourist in Italy.

A picture from Vernazza.

The Cinque Terre are mentioned in documents dating back to the 11th century.

First Monterosso and Vernazza settled and subsequently the other villages developed, always in the territory of the Republic of Genoa.

In the 16th century the inhabitants reinforced the existing forts and built new defense towers to defend the area from attacks by the Turks.

Around 1960/70 the first tourists began to arrive and, in 2020, the 5 Terre became very popular globally.

What have in similarities the film Disney: “Luca” and the 5 Terre? Find out below my video: Special summer 2021 the similarities between the film Disney Luca and the 5 Terre.


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