Luffy and Ace in comparison

What have in common Luffy and Ace from One Piece? Come and find out here on my blog!

Luffy and Ace are two characters present in the work called: “One Piece“. But what have in common the two brothers?

Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of the work called: “One Piece“.

He is a pirate born to Monkey D. Dragon and the grandson of Garp.

Left under the adoption of Dadan, he meets Portgas D. Ace and subsequently Sabo who after various vicissitudes become brothers.

The trio will set out on different paths to achieve their goals.

A picture of Luffy.

Luffy sets out to fulfill his dream of becoming the pirate king.

He embarks on an adventure that fate makes him know and meet those who will become his crew.

But when one day he discovers that his brother Ace had been imprisoned in Impel Down Luffy tries to save his brother at all costs,

even come by surprise in the great war of Marineford, the Navy and the Seven Warlords of the Sea against Whitebeard and his pirates.

A picture of Ace.

On the other side there is Ace, son of the pirate king: “Gol D. Roger“.

From an early age he has always lived in solitude until he met Sabo.

Later he manages to upset his life when Luffy’s arrival becomes brothers.

Ace setting off on his journey creates his own crew, where his journey as a captain stops with the arrival of the pirate Whitebeard,

where Ace is defeated and stolen by his crew, forcibly following Whitebeard.

A picture of Ace.

After Ace got used to having Whitebeard as captain he became the captain of his second fleet,

to which after the betrayal of Blackbeard, Ace decided to chase the traitor to make him pay.

Ace and Blackbeard one day met and after a terrible fight Ace was imprisoned and sentenced.

But exactly what have in common the two brothers? Find out below my video: The comparison between Luffy and Ace.


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