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What have in common Medievil with Nightmare Before Christmas? Come and find out here on my blog!

Medievil one of the most interesting game in the world for b and Nightmare Before Christmas a nice movie from Disney, but what exactly have in common Medievil and Nightmare Before Christmas?

A long time ago in the kingdom of Gallowmere lived a very gruff character who loved to rejoice in his knightly prowess, as when alone he defeated a fearsome dragon, this illustrious knight for the bridesmaids of the kingdom is called Sir Daniel Fortesque.

This knight was well liked within the kingdom, especially inside the castle, to which King Peregin asked to meet him one day at the palace. That day changed the life of Sir Daniel Fortesque, who recounting his great deeds before the whole court, the king was delighted, so amazed that he made him captain of his army.

Some time after this the king’s right arm, as well as the royal adviser: Zarok, was discovered by the knight in experimenting with his dark magic, where after this fact he was expelled from the kingdom by the king. As a result of this Zarok organized an army of demons advancing towards the king’s castle, to which Sir Daniel Fortesque was the leader of the opposing army, where at the beginning of the battle, the knight fell to the ground mortally wounded by an arrow.

100 years after this great battle the sorcerer Zarok returns to try to conquer Gallowmere where by mistake he resurrects Sir Daniel Fortesque. Having another chance to remedy his past mistakes, as well as his falsehoods that he himself told the kingdom, the knight left by taking courage, thus facing Zarok alone.

After a long journey in a Gallowmere totally to be discovered and completely different both for the time elapsed and thanks to the changes dictated by Zarok, Sir Daniel Fortesque manages to find a way to reach Zarok, where facing him in the final battle, he manages to defeat the sorcerer, thus being accepted by the Hall of Heroes, as a great self-respecting hero.

Meanwhile, in another world you can hear a song, the Halloween song that hovers in the gray sky of the city of Halloween Town, where Jack Skellington lives inside. He’s the immortal “Pumpkin King”, an eternal being who prepares together with his fellow citizens for the most terrifying party in the world: Halloween.

But at his last celebration of this holiday, he feels the need to change his life, the need for something new that drives him to visit places that go beyond the city of Halloween Town. Jack enters a forest containing portals to other worlds themed around holidays. Where by the twist of fate, he finds himself in the world of Santa Claus.

Being fascinated by this holiday of Christmas, he tries to replicate that holiday instead of Halloween, while creating confusion and terror in different worlds. While on Earth Jack created panic and terror on Christmas morning, at Halloween Town Sally tries to get Santa Claus back, but discovers that he was taken by Oogie Boogie. She approaches her realm as Jack crashes to the ground with his sled taken by the missiles.

Inside Halloween Town, the mayor breaks the news of Jack’s disappearance and as Oogie Boogie rejoices at it, he begins to play torture with both Santa Claus and Sally. Jack recovers from the blow, obviously finding himself alive since he is immortal, who, remembering Santa Claus who is the only one who can fix his Christmas, runs to Halloween Town, where he discovers that Oogie Boogie is keeping Santa Claus with him.

Jack rushes into the realm of his archenemy, where he tries to kill Jack with various tricks, but the latter manages to defeat Oogie Boogie, thus recovering Sally and Santa Claus. The latter returns to the real world and begins giving gifts and arranging Christmas, while Jack realizes that Sally has always been the only person who has always understood Jack’s feelings.

Surely two characters like two unforgettable worlds that have bizarre atmospheres in common, like particular adventures on the edge of reality, like their deeds that, as much as they may believe they are doing good, lead to create damage and disorder in their world.

But exactly what have in common the two worlds? Find out below my video: Special Halloween 2020 Medievil and Nightmare Before Christmas.


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