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What have in contrast Mufasa and Scar from The Lion King? Come and find out here on my blog!

Mufasa and Scar are two characters taken from the Disney work: “The Lion King” but what do have in contrast the two brothers?

Scar and Mufasa were born from Ahadi and Uru in Pride Rock. Mufasa from an early age showed that he had a physique and the stature of the king and,

having been the firstborn, his succession as king had already been written for some time.

Initially named Taka and later Scar, it quickly became the leader of the Lion Guard,

where after a clash with a lion who betrayed him by making a gash in his eye through a snake,

Scar returned in front of Mufasa to inform him of his victory, but Mufasa mocked him for his scar calling him precisely: “Scar“.

A picture of Mufasa.

From that event and the fact that Mufasa was assigned as the new successor to the throne,

Scar was silently longing for revenge, so in slowly planning his plan he met some hyenas who made them as friends.

Later Mufasa and Scar’s parents disappeared and Mufasa became the new king.

Subsequently Mufasa met a lioness named Sarabi who thus becoming the new queen, subsequently gave birth to her and Mufasa’s son calling him: “Simba“.

Once again sidelined for the bloodline for the throne, Scar craved even more revenge against Mufasa and his nephew Simba,

where by concocting a terrible plan, he eventually managed to get his brother killed in a shady trap.

A picture of Scar from the movie: “the Lion King”.

Fortunately Simba managed to escape from Scar’s terrible revenge who, now in possession of the Pride Rock, invited the lions to work together,

thus realizing his dream of becoming the new king. As Pride Rock was increasingly ravaged by Scar’s relentless evil,

Simba was rescued by Timon and Pumba who by “adopting him” helped him grow into a full-grown lion.

One day during their outing, a lioness attacks Pumba who tries to escape, but trapped without any escape comes Timon who tries to give him a hand without result,

while he was about to be eaten Simba arrives who attacks the lioness discovering in the end that she is something else it’s none other than Nala.

A picture of Mufasa and Scar from the movie: “the Lion King”.

Then through her and Rafiki’s help, they convince Simba to return to take his place as king by freely facing Scar.

After his uncle tried to blame his nephew for Mufasa’s death, the cornered Simba was about to fall into a mouth of fire,

where at that moment Scar reveals that it was he who killed Mufasa. Simba then reacts and makes everyone listen to the truth,

so in a few moments the hyenas attacked the Lions and vice versa. Scar ran away in the confusion but was taken by Simba and, cornered,

attacked his nephew until he was defeated. Now alone and betraying the expectations of the hyenas, the latter approach him all together to kill him.

But exactly what have in contrast the two characters? Find out below my video: The contrast between Mufasa and Scar.


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