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What have in common Nami and Nico Robin from One Piece? Come and find out here on my blog!

Nami and Nico Robin are two characters present in the world of: “One Piece” but what have in common the two girls?

Nami is the official navigator of the Straw Hat pirates featured in Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece: “One Piece”.

She was found orphaned by Bell-Mère together with her half-sister: “Nojiko“,

on the island of Oykot during a fight between pirates. The woman took the two girls to her village called “Cocoyasi“.

The villagers initially reluctant to Bell-Mère’s choice to keep the two girls, slowly began to grow fond of,

especially Genzo regarding Nami as if she were a father figure. In her youth Nami began to fall in love with mandarins,

A picture of Nami.

the fruit most loved by her adoptive mother, where one day, with the arrival of Arlong and her crew,

peace ended with the terrible presence of pirates. Bell-Mère subsequently saved the two girls by sacrificing her life for Nojiko and Nami,

where the latter seeing her chart drawing skills was taken by Arlong and forced to draw maps for that terrible pirate.

After raising Nami to try to redeem the village, she put money from her by stealing from many people,

until one day she found Monkey D. Luffy on her way. Joining him initially only to earn some money,

Nami begins to become attached to Luffy, where he himself, fighting against Arlong, wins against the pirate, whereupon Nami officially enters Luffy’s crew.

A picture of Nico Robin.

On the other side there is Nico Robin, the archaeologist of the Straw Hat pirates.

Nico Robin was born in Ohara and was left by her mother Nico Olvia at the age of two to discover the truth about the world.

So Robin had to grow up with her uncles, family members who don’t care about her as well as the villagers who considered her a devil.

She spent her time in study, books and housework, until one day the Buster Call radically changed her life by erasing the island of Ohara from the world.

A picture of Nico Robin.

Nico Robin managed to escape, but her bounty prevented her from achieving a common life,

based therefore on hiding and running away from those who wanted money on her bounty.

One day when she became a girl she met Crocodile with whom she managed to work together but,

during the adventures of the Straw Hat pirates, they clashed against Crocodile and Luffy won the challenge.

Nico Robin thus joined Luffy’s crew, officially recruited into the crew after the events of Enies Lobby.

But exactly what have in common the two girls? Find out below my video: The comparison between Nami and Nico Robin.


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