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The cover of my second album Starlight.

While I was studying at the artistic high school, I developed an interest in writing starting my first novel: “Il Segreto del Verziere”, starting to create other works after.

At the same time I was developing my first album: “Come un lampo”, where in a short time I wrote the first novel of my fantasy trilogy: “Il Re della Luce l’Ordine degli Dèi Oscuri”. While my first songs were on the radio I wrote my second music album: “Starlight”.

Subsequently a record company on Wall Street contacted me creating a collaboration together thus creating the first music video that gives the title to my second album: “Starlight”. Following the launch of the album: “Starlight” through many radios and various music videos.

An artwork from The Secret of the Orchard book.

Shortly after I create a new version of my first novel which is presented in various events in Italy, while composing my third musical album. Then I translate my first novels of the fantasy trilogy into English, thus giving birth to the first English book of the trilogy: “The king of light the order of the dark gods“.

After I create a collection of my poems written when I was a child entitled: “scintille di vita la forza della natura“, making them participate in literary competitions together with my novels. My first poem ranks first in the standings in a literary competition in Italy, while my other novels get different positions in the standings, like my second novel as runner-up in a literary competition.

The screenplay: “The king of light the order of the dark gods” with LAFA award.

After these works I manage to write my first screenplay based on my first novel of the trilogy, making it in Italian and then in English. By making him participate in several film festivals, the screenplay gets various awards, many selections and prizes for first place, honors and finalist in the categories of fantasy scripts. Also one of my singles arrives as a finalist in one of the Los Angeles film festivals. Later I wrote the screenplay for my first novel which, translating it into English, is entitled: “The secret of the orchard”.

All my literary works focus on the title of the main project – “The King of Light”. In fact, the main plot consists of 12 books that tell the stories of the protagonist Fedrick and his friends and his major antagonists, gathered together in the final duology to conclude the plot in the best way.

The rest of the novels such as my first novel entitled: “The secret of the Orchard” are considered fillers to the main plot, which give additional information to the side characters, making the reader better understand the plot, the places and expanding them thus the general knowledge of the work. All novels outside my poetic collections are therefore connected to the world of The King of Light.

Literary works


The first book of the initial trilogy

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods is the second novel by Federico Carro, initially idealized with another title just before concluding his first novel: “Il Segreto del Verziere”. The novel is the first volume of the fantasy trilogy called: “The King of Light” which tells the story of Fedrick, a crusader who is thrown into a world parallel to his original world.

The book is written in the same aulic style as the author’s first novel, but differs from the use of words, as it turns out to be a less sought-after but more dynamic language than the first novel, where the plot takes place slowly here instead.

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods plays a lot on the dynamism of events, it is rich in plot and details. The story takes place during the end of the first crusade, where a crusader named Fedrick intrigued by a very particular light, ventures inside the Holy Sepulcher, where inside he finds a green stone that, taking it for himself, falls from his hand and it breaks.

From this stone comes an evil being that stuns him and sends him to another world other than his, there he discovers that the battle that was about to take place disappears completely, leaving room for a desert of sand with nothing around him.

Deciding to continue towards an unknown street, he embarks on a long adventure in search of Isabel, a girl he met in Turin, to whom, however, this city will result in this parallel world, the capital of a forbidden and evil empire.

Together with other cities such as: “Lyon” and “Prague”, Fedrick discovers that these cities are the capitals of a world divided by beings who call themselves: “Dark Gods”. It will be up to Fedrick and his friends Jehrais and Radamantio to try to permanently destroy these evil ones from the world.


The first poems collection by the author

Scintille di Vita la Forza della Natura is a collection of poems created by Federico by grouping all the poems made over the years. His first poem is titled: ” Sussulto di vita” created simply as an inspiration in observing the sea of Vernazza.

The author discovered in a simple and vital way that he had a gift, namely that of writing and composing his own poems which he later put together, thus generating a poetic logic among all the poems. 

From that sum of poems that were originally inspired simply from the radiant nature of Vernazza, the author thus built a book, a collection of poems that speaks precisely of nature, from its genesis to how it can end and regenerate itself, within a cycle perennial.

The words are highly sought after and even ancient that no longer exist in the current Italian language. The physiognomy of the poems are simple and short, which must be read breathlessly. However, these poems allude to many meanings, have a lot of symbology and must be interpreted according to the imagination.

Cinematic works


The first screenplay by the author

The screenplay: “The king of light the order of the dark gods” with LAFA award.

The screenplay: “The king of light the order of the dark gods” is born from the author’s need to put his second novel in a film version. The screenplay is therefore a re-adaptation of the novel suitable to be played in a Fantasy film that tells the stories of Fedrick. 

The beginning of the screenplay starts differently than the novel, and then reconnects to the novel when the crusader is inside the settlements, the night before the war that was about to look at dawn. Certain aspects of the script have been changed and certain parts cut. 

For example, in the script the part in which Salazhar appears in the novel is not present in the script, as well as many parts present when Fedrick arrives in Gaza. This obviously is to keep the work within a certain duration of the hypothetical making of the film.


The second screenplay by the author

Federico’s second screenplay is made using the author’s first novel in a cinematic key, so called: “The Secret of the Orchard”. The script is emphasized with more action and adventure, where the author creates new connected events between people within the country. 

Thus new mysteries are conceived which are solved, emphasizing certain aspects and characters that come out in the light of the sun. While the original book is put under a fairytale key, the screenplay makes the characters more concrete, revealing their true nature which is hidden in the book. 

There are therefore new scenes never seen in the book, new characters and other settings hidden by the veil that the book carries. The book has many flashbacks of the various characters, the author interpreted this factor in the script, creating ten flashbacks, thus drawing inspiration from Boccaccio’s Decameron.

Music albums


The first music album by the author

Come un lampo is the first album by the artist Federico Carro. Originally born as a poem, the text was placed within the first song, arranged and composed around the text to try to emphasize the words the author wanted to express. 

The project was born from Federico’s need to pay homage to his disappeared friend, trying to make the feelings of loss, but also nostalgic for it, remain within the song. The album is composed of Pop music, mixed with environmental effects with R’n’B and Jazz features, while the lyrics of the songs have a fairly refined language, with poetic and sometimes epic overtones. 

The song like the album recalls certain nuances drawn by that girl and the friendly relationship with the author of when they were children. Furthermore, this project also alludes to a sense of perennial memory within the song, also present within the author’s heart.


The second music album by the author

Starlight album was born from the author’s need to express certain experiences he has faced in life, translating his feelings into his music. The Starlight album is a mix of Pop songs with a bit of R’n’B, much more rhythmic and commercial than Come un lampo. 

The album includes much more refined sounds and much more professional instruments, trying to exploit these songs for the music market and radio, both Italian and foreign. 

The project is made entirely in English, while other songs from Come un lampo are presented in Italian and English, and the author has also made three music videos for each album.


The third music album by the author

The King of Light album is a collection of instrumental music, taken from the author’s first compositions. 

The works are made with the piano and with environmental effects and synthesizers, in the form of an epic music, sometimes melancholy, suitable to underline the adventures of Federico’s novels. 

The project born from Federico’s need to exploit such music, thus creating videos to advertise his subsequent literary works.

Other projects


The second blog by the author

The Gamer Novelist is a project that tries to enclose all the literary works and videogames of all kinds through a blog. Created by Federico Carro, the site analyzes video games on every platform and books of all kinds with reviews, also including cinematographic works within it.

My other website


The third website by the author

My other site links to the rest of my projects. The site is much more complete than my English pen name, Frederick A. Chariot, simply because my pen name site focuses on my writing side, while Federico Carro’s site focuses on the rest of my unmentioned projects on this site.


The fourth website by the author

Photo of Federico Carro present on Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom

My other site links to the rest of my projects. The site focuses on my writing side and emphasizes everything I write about my fantasy series called The King of Light. Each book, curiosities and other information will be inserted and updated from time to time.


The encyclopedic pages on Vernazza most complete in the world

The project arises from the need to protect the historical, cultural, geographical and social side of Vernazza, my hometown. The pages are always expanding and one day I want to make the rest of the Cinque Terre to preserve these fantastic Italian villages as much as possible.

Below the trailer of my first novel of the saga entitled: “The King of light the order of the dark gods”.


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