Other works

Other works

Other works

The cover of my second album Starlight.

While I was studying at the artistic high school, I developed an interest in writing starting my first novel: “Il segreto del verziere”, starting to create other works after.

At the same time I was developing my first album: “Come un lampo”, where in a short time I wrote the first novel of my fantasy trilogy: “Il re della luce l’ordine degli dèi oscuri”.

While my first songs were on the radio I wrote my second music album: “Starlight”.

Subsequently a record company on Wall Street contacted me creating a collaboration together thus creating the first music video that gives the title to my second album: “Starlight”.

Following the launch of the album: “Starlight” through many radios and various music videos,

I write my third novel, as well as the sequel to the fantasy trilogy: “Il re della luce l’esercito Leviatano”.

The cover for the single called: “Rising Flame”.

Shortly after I create a new version of my first novel which is presented in various events in Italy, while composing my third musical album.

Then I translate my first novels of the fantasy trilogy into English, thus giving birth to the first English book of the trilogy: “The king of light the order of the dark gods” and the second book: “The king of light the Leviathan army“.

Below I create a collection of my poems written when I was a child entitled: “scintille di vita la forza della natura“, making them participate in literary competitions together with my novels.

My first poem ranks first in the standings in a literary competition in Italy, while my other novels get different positions in the standings, like my second novel as runner-up in a literary competition.

The screenplay: “The king of light the order of the dark gods” with LAFA award.

After these works I manage to write my first screenplay based on my first novel of the trilogy, making it in Italian and then in English.

By making him participate in several film festivals, the screenplay gets various awards, many selections and prizes for first place, honors and finalist in the categories of fantasy scripts.

Also one of my singles arrives as a finalist in one of the Los Angeles film festivals. Later I wrote the screenplay for my first novel which, translating it into English, is entitled: “The secret of the orchard”.

Below my trailer by the second novel from the fantasy trilogy: “The king of light the Leviathan army“.

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