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What have in contrast Pokémon and Digimon? Come and find out here on my blog!

Pokémon and Digimon are two very famous franchises in the world but what have in common and what are their differences?

Around 1989 when the first Game Boy was released, Satoshi Tajiri first thought about Pokémon.

The concept of his universe and the creation of him comes from his collection of insects that he kept since childhood,

where he soon released one of the greatest franchises of all time.

The players on its first exit from the Game Boy were drawn as Pokémon trainers,

where the game aims to collect Pokémon, make them fight to improve and collect medals,

and then become the champion by challenging and winning the Pokémon League.

A Poké Ball with inside a Pokémon called: “Mewtwo”.

During the journey, the trainer will encounter wild Pokémon which he will be able to capture through a spherical object called: “Poké Ball“.

Once captured, the Pokémon will obey the trainer and they will level up from battle to battle,

where some Pokémon will be able to evolve into a new and much stronger being than before.

The player will be able to exchange Pokémon in order to collect and finish the Pokédex or simply to compete with other trainers with other Pokémon.

A Digimon wallpaper

Instead, in 1996 when Tamagotchi came out, this object was an inspiration for the first release of the famous Franchise: “Digimon“.

The name Digimon derives from Digital Monster, where at its first appearance you had to hold the digital object in your hand and look after your monster daily like a pet.

Subsequently, players were given the opportunity to interact with other devices,

so as to grow and level up their monster and make it fight with other monsters,

from there the Anime that we all know and that really gave birth to it was created. to the franchise: “Digimon Adventure”.

The picture a Digimon called: “WarGreymon”

Digimon hatch from types of eggs which are called: “Digi-Eggs“, subsequently they can evolve,

where their process is called: “Digivolution“, which changes their appearance and increases their powers.

The effect of Digivolution, however, is not permanent in the partner Digimon of the main characters in the anime,

and Digimon who have digivolved will most of the time revert to their previous form after a battle or if they are too weak to continue. Some Digimon act feral.

Most, however, are capable of intelligence and human speech. They are able to digivolve by the use of Digivices that their human partners have.

But exactly what have in contrast the two Franchises? Find out below my video: The contrast between Pokémon and Digimon.


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