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What do have in common Rinoa and Yuna? Come and find out here on my blog!

Rinoa is one of the Final Fantasy VIII characters while Yuna is one of the Final Fantasy X characters, what do have in common the two girls?

Rinoa is one of the most influential and important characters in the world of Final Fantasy VIII, she is the daughter of the military commander of Galbadia: “Fury Caraway” and of the singer: “Julia Heartilly”.

As a child, Rinoa lost her mother in a car accident, and later she and her father were constantly separated from day to day.

After growing up in a hostile and cold environment, Rinoa one day dated a SeeD cadet named Seifer Almasy from whom she learned more about the hired mercenary service she SeeD provides.

Rinoa later uses her mother’s maiden name, joining the Forest Owls, a group of freedom fighters who revolted against the Galbadian government.

Rinoa and Squall during the inauguration party.

The girl then heads to Garden Balamb to seek help in her cause through Principal Cid, where she meets Squall during the celebration of the new SeeD.

The girl thus hiring Squall directs one confusing mission after another, resulting more and more a total failure. Rinoa later joins the group of Squall who try to go against the wishes of the witch Edea,

where during their adventures she discovers that she has fallen in love with Squall, she is reciprocated by the boy’s love during their adventures.

Yuna from Final Fantasy X

Yuna was born in Bevelle to a Yevonite father named “Braska”, and to a mother of Al Bhed origin who disappeared nameless at the hands of Sin when Yuna was still a little girl.

This tragedy prompted Braska to embark on the journey to Zanarkand to try and defeat Sin.

Yuna was left in Bevelle while Braska went with Jecht and Auron to reach Zanarkand and have the Final Aeon to defeat Sin.

However, during the battle they had against Yunalesca Auron was mortally wounded and, with little energy,

he was able to return to Bevelle to place his friend’s “Kimahri” under the protection of Yuna.

Yuna from Final Fantasy X

After Sin’s defeat at the expense of her father’s life, Yuna was thus transferred to the temple of Besaid, where knowing Lulu,

Wakka and her brother Chappu she became more mature enough to undertake the journey as a summoner to address Zanarkand.

Shortly thereafter the girl met Tidus who did him as her guardian where through her group they reached Zanarkand thus defeating Yunalesca and subsequently Sin.

What do are the differences between Rinoa and Yuna? Find out below my video: The comparison between Rinoa and Yuna.


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