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What do have in common Shanks and Gildarts? Come and find out here on my blog!

What do are the differences between Shanks and Gildarts?

Shanks is one of the Four Emperors featured in Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece “One Piece”.

This character can be seen already from the first chapter of the work, where the captain stops in a village where he meets the little Monkey D. Luffy,

a very lively boy who has in his heart the dream of becoming the king of pirates.

The boy asks Shanks to let him join his crew, but the captain denies him consent because he is too small.

Out of anger at his refusal, Luffy unknowingly eats a Devil Fruit that turns him into rubber in front of his entire crew.

Shanks in the Anime called: “One Piece”.

Before leaving Luffy again tells Shanks that he will overtake him by becoming the king of the pirates,

then Shanks comes back to him giving him his hat to symbolize their promise.

Shanks thus ventures to sea. Years later from that event Luffy also leaves for his journey to the sea,

Prior to this great scene Shanks was taken aback by the pirate Blackbeard who made three gashes in his left eye, later symbol of his pirate flag.

Shanks, despite the distance of the two, always reads Luffy’s exploits, where Luffy after trying to defeat another emperor named: “Big Mom“, Shanks he reads the news telling himself that their meeting is now near.

Gildarts in the Anime called: “Fairy Tail”.

On the other hand there is Gildarts where years ago he met and fell in love with a woman named Cornelia.

Their relationship blossomed and the two eventually got married, however, Gildarts was so obsessed with his work that Cornelia left him,

leaving Gildarts completely unaware that he was carrying her daughter of hers: “Cana Alberona“.

Gildarts subsequently leaves the guild to participate in a 100-year mission. During this search,

he met Acnologia and was quickly defeated, losing both his left arm and leg.

Then he returns home, without having completed his 100-year search, Gildarts finds himself at the guild,

A representation of Gildarts in the Anime called: “Fairy Tail”.

there he finds Natsu who tries to challenge him but with positive results for Gildarts, where the two after leaving the club,

Gildarts does see his injuries after the fight with Acnologia. Soon Natsu and Gildarts will have a serious challenge which will however see Gildarts winning the battle.

What do are the differences between Shanks and Gildarts? Find out below my video: The comparison between Shanks and Gildarts.


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