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What do have in common Sin from Final Fantasy X and Moby Dick? Come and find out here on my blog!

What do have in common Sin and Moby Dick? Long ago during the war between Bevelle and Zanarkand the machina in Bevelle’s possession cornered Zanarkand,

where the last surviving people gathered together with Yu Yevon, a famous summoner who transformed them into fayth, thus exploiting them to create Sin.

This gigantic monster had to win the war against Bevelle, but Yu Yevon could no longer control it and this being left for the destruction of Spira.

To give Spira a little hope and a little breath, Yu Yevon’s daughter: “Yunalesca” presents a way to destroy Sin, namely: the Final Aeon,

a powerful Aeon born of a bond of love. So to try to defeat Sin, Yunalesca sacrificed her husband Zaon for her ritual,

becoming the Final Aeon by destroying Sin, but the Final Aeon killed Yunalesca.

Yu Yevon’s spirit took possession of Zaon’s body and over time transformed into a new Sin.

During this time, the new Sin was too weak to terrorize Spira, establishing a temporary period of calm,

giving all cities time to regain strength with the people. One day Braska, Jecht and Auron set off on a pilgrimage to Zanarkand,

here Jecht sacrifices himself to become the Final Aeon. Later after a great battle they defeated Sin,

Jecht thus became the new Sin. After a long journey, his son Tidus and Braska’s daughter: “Yuna” come together with his guardians and Auron’s company in the final battle against the Final Aeon.

After his defeat Yu Yevon emerges from Jecht, there Yuna invokes his Aeons to which Yu Yevon possesses them one by one,

where the group has nothing left but to defeat the Aeons, until Yu Yevon with no more Aeons to possess becomes vulnerable.

The group thus defeats Yu Yevon, where Sin now reduced to a floating armor, explodes in the air in front of all the people of Spira.

Herman Melville’s novel tells the first person of Ishmael, a young boy who wants to change his world by embarking on a ship,

setting out to sea on a whaling ship. On that boat called: “Pequod“, Ishmael begins to get to know the crew, especially his captain mutilated in the leg: “Ahab“.

During the journey, when the boat was in the middle of the sea, Captain Ahab explains his desire for revenge towards a great white sperm whale named: “Moby Dick“,

telling how this huge animal ate his leg. Subsequently, the crew observes the first sighting of a whale,

then a giant squid and other boats in the hope of knowing some more information about the beast, finding no news on their target.

One day they meet the “Rachel” to whom he informs Captain Ahab that he has sighted Moby Dick, thus starting the hunt for the beast.

After a while they find Moby Dick starting the three days of fighting,

tragically ending with the defeat of Captain Ahab and the sunken Pequod, where in the end only Ishmael survives saved by Rachel.

What do have in common the two beasts? Find out below my video: The comparison between Sin and Moby Dick.


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