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What have in common Sir Daniel Fortesque with Parceval? Come and find out here on my blog!

Sir Daniel Fortesque is one of the most interesting character of the Playstation world, while Parceval is one of King Arthur’s knights, among the few who can see the Holy Grail, but what exactly have in common Sir Daniel Fortesque and Parceval? Sir Daniel Fortesque is a multi-faced knight, where one day summoned by the King Peregrin for his daring and heroic deeds, he was invited before the entire court of the King.

The fake knight told of his brave and heroic deeds as in narrating the killing of a dragon, fascinated by his somewhat bizarre tales, the King made him head of his armies, who on the same day, his nemesis par excellence Zarok, listened to his stories, prompting him to accept him among his troops as the King’s champion.

This obviously intentional gesture by Zarok, wanted to face the King’s army commanded by the inability of Sir Daniel Fotesque in order to defeat the King’s armies to conquer Gallowmere, but despite their clash, Sir Daniel lost his life and Zarok the battle.

After 100 years Sir Daniel is resurrected thanks to the powers of Zarok, where through his return Gallowmere is once again under the chaos and terror of the sorcerer. Sir Daniel bracing himself prepares for a long adventure in a different Gallowmere, repressed by the power of Zarok and terrified from every point of view. It will be Sir Daniel who defeats Zarok once and for all and definitively.

Meanwhile, in a forest far from everywhere, there was a child who lived alone with his mother, a child totally unaware of the world who, one day going hunting, saw some riders, who, being enchanted by their image, believed that such knights were angels. After talking to them, little Parceval decided to become a knight, thus leaving for the court of King Arthur.

On the way he comes across a house and, believing it to be a church, he entered it to find a sleeping lady. Waking up the lady, who tried through his “heroic” deeds to be repaid with marriage. She chases Percival away, set off again towards the kingdom of King Arthur, where on the chimney he met a knight with a vermilion armor and a gold chalice in his hand.

Arriving in front of King Arthur asked him to make him a knight, the King upset at having been robbed of the golden chalice, Percival decided to go back, finding and defeating the knight, thus sending the golden chalice back to the King’s palace, keeping the vermilion armor.

One day on his way he found a castle, which pausing to make the acquaintance of the Fisher King, who seeing the holy Grail in front of him during the banquet, decided not to ask anything about this sacred object. When he woke up, he noticed that everything disappeared as if by magic.

The two knights have many bizarre adventures that they share, along with a good dose of luck / misfortune that are eventually reciprocated with their brave deeds. They also have a commonplace, Sir Daniel Fortesque the Hall of heroes, while Parceval the castle of the Fisher King,

where both structures have a legendary and sacred chalice in them, which however both disappear, if one is not worthy of the presence of this sacred artifact. But exactly what have in common the two characters? Find out below my video: The comparison between Sir Daniel Fortesque and Percival.


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