Son Goku and Vegeta in contrast

What have in contrast Son Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball? Come and find out here on my blog!

Son Goku and Vegeta are two characters present in the work called: “Dragon Ball“.

But what have in common and in contrast the two rivals?

Goku is the protagonist of Akira Toriyama’s opera called: “Dragon Ball“.

It was born on the planet Vegeta and thrown to the planet Earth to conquer it.

But one day he fell and immediately changed his character and his personality.

Adopted by Son Gohan, it sends little Goku into the world of fighting, where after his death,

Goku was found by Bulma who together began the legendary journey in search of the Dragon Balls.

A picture of Goku.

From a simple journey, the character of Goku grows, increasingly focusing his being in the world of fighting until he becomes the only reason for living.

After the defeat of Piccolo, Goku marries Chichi and from their relationship born the little Gohan,

but from then on there will be more and more fierce opponents who threaten peace on Earth,

forcing Goku to improve and become more stronger to try to save the Earth, even if his ultimate goal is always to improve himself.

A picture of the various transformations of Vegeta.

On the other side there is Vegeta, the prince of Saiyan born on the planet Vegeta.

From an early age he was trained to perform great deeds and try to defeat much more aggressive opponents than him.

After the disappearance of the planet Vegeta, his goal becomes to defeat Frieza to try to dominate unchallenged,

but his plans change when he clashes for the first time against Goku who becomes his only reason for living,

A picture between Goku and Vegeta during their fight.

that is to overcome and defeat his eternal rival. Although at first they are rivals and enemies,

they gradually become friends with the same interest in fighting and improving themselves, fighting arduous battles together.

But exactly what have in contrast the two characters? Find out below my video: The contrast between Son Goku and Vegeta.


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