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What have in common the two Son Goku of Saiyuki and Dragon Ball? Come and find out here on my blog!

Son Goku of Saiyuki and Son Goku of Dragon ball, two really strong, determined and courageous characters, but what exactly have in common the two Son Goku of Saiyuki and Dragon Ball? The Son Goku of Saiyuki is considered by the gods themselves a being even on a par with the divine powers present in Paradise, he’s considered as a synonym of chaos and destruction, with the golden eyes of misfortune, also considered a heretic.

Goku was born in a rock egg that for centuries collected the Earth’s aura atop the mountain Kakayama. After the birth he was found and limited by the sky, to which he was entrusted to Konzen, to whom the two despite not agreeing with each other, slowly with the passage of time they established a deeper friendship, together to Kenren and Tenpou.

In the meantime Goku made the acquaintance of Nataku and they soon became very good friends, where one day, however, Nataku’s father ordered his son to kill Goku. Nataku despite having to obey his father, pointed his own weapon towards himself, where in seeing this gesture Goku suffered a mental stress so strong forcing his power limiter to break and he takes his true form,

so in the most blind fury he killed many celestial beings, to whom he was thus banished from the celestial kingdom, along with Konzen, Kenren and Tenpou for protecting Goku during that event. Son Goku was locked in stone cage deep in the high Mountain of Gogyou for 500 years, until one day Sanzo freed him.

Meanwhile, in another world there is another Son Goku which was found as a child by his grandfather Son Gohan, one day he disappeared, leaving Son Goku alone in growing autonomously. One day he meets Bulma, a girl in search of the renowned Dragon Balls,

where after a thousand ups and downs in facing increasingly difficult opponents, he became a hero for defeating King Piccolo, became a legend by becoming a Super Saiyan, succeeded the help of the world and many other collaborations in defeating Majin Buu, becoming the great savior of the world.

Up to the stage of a divinity, questioned even by the highest spheres of the celestial world, up to those who created the various universes of the world of Dragon Ball. An out of the ordinary fighter who manages to create a family with his wife Chichi, his sons Gohan and Goten, where over time he also becomes a grandfather with the arrival of Pan, the daughter of Videl and Gohan.

Although he is never at home with his family, he constantly trains to become stronger and stronger to try to improve and overcome his limits without stopping. Definitely two characters full of energy, vitality, strength, courage and determination to improve themselves, managing to be loved by all people through their adventures.

But exactly what have in common the two characters? Find out below my video: The comparison between Son Goku of Saiyuki and Dragon Ball.


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