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What have in contrast Squall and Tidus from Final Fantasy? Come and find out here on my blog!

Squall is one of the best interesting characters on Final Fantasy world like Tidus, but what exactly have in contrast the Squall and Tidus both belonging to Final Fantasy? Squall is a lonely boy, very determined and strong with a past that still torments him in the present, a boy in search of affection who, however, hides it inside himself, with a large armor to defend his pure heart.

He’s a part of the Balamb Garden a school where the SeeD, mercenaries who train and get paid to kill the witch. One day after an exam involving a war, Squall becomes SeeD, entrusted with various tasks, the first of which is helping a girl named Rinoa.

Such a girl although neglected by Squall’s mind, the more the adventure advances and the more the boy finds more and more affection for Rinoa, to the point that, when a mission involved saving Rinoa in open space, Squall rushes to save her, finding for the hand of fate a derelict starship, that was thought to have been lost for years. After managing to control the starship, Squall and Rinoa finally land safely on Earth.

Where at that precise moment Rinoa take her away under the eyes of Squall, the latter at first perplexed by the story, takes strength inside himself admitting his true feelings for the girl, deciding to save her. The SeeDs defeat Seifer and Adel, and with Ellone’s help trigger the time compression and travel to the future. It will be the last heroic gesture by the protagonists who will all find themselves together clashing with the evil witch Ultimecia.

The journey through this world made Squall a much more open character especially with Rinoa. Eventually the characters manage to return home, they manage to get their future without the risk that Ultimecia can come back again to break the present and the future.

Meanwhile, in another world surrounded by pain, terror and fear, there is the world of Spira, dominated by an ancient evil force that reappears each time after his departure, being reborn continued: Sin. One day during a blitzball tournament the national game of Spira, Sin makes his first entrance, destroying Zanarkand, where with the help of Auron, Tidus is saved and sent to another different world from his own, namely Spira in a more far from his time.

After various vicissitudes Tidus finds himself on the beach of Besaid, where he meets Wakka, where he introduces Tidus to Yuna, a young summoner. Joining her as her guardian, Tidus embarks on a long journey that will lead him to face the terrible truth of the harsh reality, facing his past in the present, namely his father Jecht.

The group together with newcomers like Auron, the former guardian of Yuna’s father: Braska, to whom they defeated Sin earlier, and Rikku a young girl who saved Tidus as soon as he arrived on Spira, all leave together for Zanarkand.

Upon arriving, they discover that Yunalesca is the first summoner in history, where the summoner must have a very important person next to her to create the Final Summoning. Instead of choosing a person, they decide to face him in battle by defeating her. With no other ways, the group decides to face Sin directly.

Once defeated after an arduous battle, they enter it, where Seymour awaits them again. Defeated the villain they venture inside, finally finding Tidus father ready in the final battle to finally defeat Yu Yevon. Finally knowing what will happen when the battle is over,

Tidus accepts the harsh reality facing his father and finally the one he longed for behind the entire Spira, thus facing his destiny. Surely two very charismatic and unique protagonists, who lead people to follow their adventures to the end. Two characters who have tenacity, determination and great fortitude, combined with a pure heart and a warrior spirit. But exactly what have in contrast the two characters? Find out below my video: The contrast between Squall and Tidus.


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