This is where you can find all the protagonists, stories, insights, or curiosities about all the works belonging to the Inferno.

The articles I have written will be displayed in these archives,

to which they are mainly divided by the Playlists on my YouTube channel to better enjoy the logic, readability and vision for my videos.

Everything is divided into two great attributes, namely: Fantasy Genre and Real Character,

where within it there are other categories, tags, where the various elements are channeled, cataloged and months at best.

In addition, these subdivisions are expressed equally on other channels, such as Instagram to maintain order, logic and satisfaction to the public.

Everything is analyzed, written in the best way by myself, trying to be consistent with myself,

with everything I create and with what the YouTube and Google algorithm asks.

All this to speed up everything, the dynamics of the site, as well as the enjoyment of the readers, so that everything complies with the rest of the works found on the web.

All this design is based on mathematical calculations that I myself have tried to make, where space must be set to the maximum to maximize the performance of each computer connected to the internet world.


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