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What have in common Elsa and Jack Frost? Come and find out here on my blog!

Elsa is a girl born with the power of ice in the kingdom of Arendelle in Frozen, while Jack Frost is featured in “Rise of the Guardians” reborn as the spirit of winter, but what have in common the two characters?

Elsa was kept segregated in the castle since she was a child for her uncontrolled powers,

especially after the incident with her sister Anna to whom she loses her memory,

where their parents in mutual agreement decide to create a protective barrier between the two sisters,

with the consequence of separating them so that Elsa’s power cannot harm Anna or her loved ones once again.

After the untimely death of their parents, the sisters experience tremendous moments of solitude and isolation.

As time passes, the power becomes stronger and stronger as the distance between the two sisters.

After the celebration of Elsa as Queen, the latter altered by her sister’s excessive stubbornness to have the consent to marry Hans,

Elsa loses control of her power by showing him to her kingdom, after which she decided to flee the kingdom.

In doing so she leaves her past life behind her by totally freeing her and letting her power flow without limit to her,

but causing frost for the whole kingdom in July.

Anna, starting in search of her sister, manages to find her inside her castle, where, however,

Elsa does not willingly accept the possibility of returning to her kingdom, accidentally hitting her sister in the heart of her.

Anna, trying to undo the spell with an action of love, goes to her where Hans,

betraying the girl’s expectations, locks her in her room declaring her lifeless.

Instead, she manages to survive and get out of the room and, in the search to find her sister again, Elsa finds herself desperate in the midst of the storm,

where Hans in trying to kill her Anna intervenes thus saving her sister from a sad fate.

The spell dissolves with the brotherly love of the two sisters.

Instead as regards Jackson Overland Frost it was born 300 years before the plot present in the film: “Rise of the Guardians“.

Jack was very fond of jokes, teasing and overdoing the fun.

One day he went with his little sister to skate together on thin ice, to save his little sister he sacrifices his life.

The man in the moon observes this scene and for his gesture makes him reborn in the form of an immortal being like the spirit of winter,

from now on called Jack Frost.

He spends its time having fun creating storms, managing the wind and creating winter like frost and snow,

but he cannot be seen by anyone, since no child believes in Jack Frost.

One day during his usual fun he accidentally drops a book from the hand of a child named: “Jamie“,

Jack interested in this book asks the child some more information, but it cannot be seen and, therefore,

decides to do so have fun with his friends in snowballs.

During the games, however, the child loses a tooth, which Jack in trying to remind the children of his existence through fun,

is disappointed when the child crosses it without seeing him.

When a shadow appears very quickly Jack chases him into an alley,

revealing that shadow as: “Bunnymund” who manages to put him in a sack through two Yetis,

who is transported to the north pole in front of the other guardians,

the man of the moon decides to make him a guardian to protect the world from Pitch’s return.

But what have in common Elsa and Jack Frost? Find out below my video: Special Christmas 2020 the contrast and the comparison between Jack Frost and Elsa.


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