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What have in contrast the two sisters Elsa and Anna of Frozen? Come and find out here on my blog!

It all began in a quiet and peaceful kingdom, a kingdom that is magical and at the same time mysterious and full of charm, a frozen kingdom where Elsa and Anna live. One day the two sisters playing with each other with Elsa’s ice magic, an accident occurred that affected little Anna, who was about to freeze her.

The King and Queen rushed to take little Anna to the Grand Pabbie, where through her magic she managed to change the child’s memory with other remembrances, however erasing the memory of the magical powers linked to Elsa.

Their parents forced to leave the two sisters separated from each other, more Anna tried to reunite with her sister, more Elsa’s powers increased day by day, until their parents went on a journey thus losing their lives.

Time passed but the separation of the two sisters was increasing, as was the fear of Elsa losing her control of magic, until one day Elsa reached the age of majority and became Queen. During the opening of the castle doors and after the celebration for the new Queen, Elsa loses control of her powers, where in demonstrating them to all the people of the kingdom, she decided to flee away from Arendelle.

Anna leaves the kingdom in the hands of Hans, a boy known for a short time and already “engaged”, to reach and find Elsa. On her journey she finds Kristoff and Sven to whom they decide to leave together to end the frost of the kingdom and thus find Elsa.

On their journey full of pitfalls they find Olaf a friendly snowman who joins them, where thanks to him they find the castle created by Elsa. Anna, reuniting with her sister, tries to make her go back to end her coldness, but Elsa letting go of her emotions of anxiety and fear, hits Anna in her heart.

Elsa forcing Anna out creates Marshmallow a giant snowman who chases Anna, Kristoff and Olaf away. Anna, feeling increasingly ill-aware that she is starting to freeze, Kristoff then takes the girl to the Grand Pabbie who explains that the only solution is an act of true love.

So above Sven he takes Anna towards the castle of Arendelle in search of Hans, where the latter, receiving the girl, decides to kiss her, but, a moment before her kiss, it reveals itself for what belongs to her, that is the villain of the movie.

It reveals the intention of killing the two sisters to become king, so with Anna out of the game, Elsa fainted during the attack of the soldiers brought by Hans is taken to the cell, who fleeing in an attempt to find Anna, Hans tells him to girl Anna remained frozen. In that instant, while Hans was about to kill Elsa,

Anna appears still alive, intercedes Hans’s sword by sacrificing herself to save her sister, where Elsa’s spell melts into the act of love shown by Anna for Elsa. After various vicissitudes and the alleged love of Anna who will bring a light to the temporary kingdom,

which will turn out to be a shadow that will dissolve away with the love of the two sisters, Elsa and Anna can finally live quietly and together. But one day of normal routine in the kingdom, Elsa begins to hear a distant voice calling her.

Seized by the curiosity of the voice, she seeks answers of her origin, where soon the natural elements begin to create chaos and unrest within the kingdom of Arendelle, where Elsa and Anna have nothing left but to continue beyond the frozen kingdom to find your own answers.

Later, after various vicissitudes, Elsa and Anna find many answers even if some mysteries still remain uncertain. Surely their contrasts are also their strength which, when joined together, cannot be stopped by anyone. Their strength lies in their contrasting differences that make them unique and inimitable.

But what exactly are they contrast? Find out below my video: The contrast between Elsa and Anna.


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