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What have in common Mewtwo of the Pokémon with Frieza of Dragon Ball? Come and find out here on my blog!

Mewtwo one of the most interesting in the Pokémon world and Frieza the evil galactic emperor in the world of Dragon Ball, but what exactly have in common the Mewtwo and Frieza? Some time ago, scientists looked for some component among the ruins that could be linked to the mythological Pokémon Mew, where in their research they found a fossil belonging to the legendary Pokémon.

After that day the head of Team Rocket: Giovanni, funded a project based on the clone of Mew, to which after various studies and experiments, the scientists managed to clone Mew, calling the new Pokémon: Mewtwo. As soon as he woke up, he realized he was surrounded by his own creatures where he himself rebelled against them by blowing up the laboratory, at that moment Giovanni appeared and advised him to follow him to improve and develop his powers.

After various struggles in the service of Giovanni, Mewtwo continues to wonder why he was born and why he was in the world, until Giovanni replies that he was born only to obey humans, in hearing these words Mewtwo explodes with anger, starting far away to be the greatest Pokémon trainer himself, wanting to enslave Pokémon and humans.

So in a short time he organized his plan, took New Island under his force, to which by creating machinery capable of taking a Pokémon champion and cloning him, he took the Nurse Joy with his psychic strength, sending through her invitations to valid trainers including Ash Ketchum and his companions Misty, Brock, and their Pokémon.

The trainers facing a gigantic storm created by Mewtwo manage to arrive on the island, where upon the arrival of the strongest Master in the world, where is none other than the same Mewtwo considered by himself the Pokèmon and the strongest Master in the world, challenge trainers to different Pokémon battles where Mewtwo wins.

As a reward, Mewtwo forcibly takes the Pokémon of the trainers, where by bringing them inside the machines with the Pokéballs, he clones them. Ash trying to retrieve his Pikachu interferes with the machine and manages to free the original Pokémon, where at that moment the cloned Pokémon and the originals battle each other.

At that moment Ash tries to stop this futile fight, but Mewtwo throws a wave of energy at him which is parried by the unlikely surprise of Mew that appears saving Ash. Mewtwo thus tries to tease Mew into the fight, where he has nothing left to fight. Ash interfering with the battle between Mew and Mewtwo goes between the two psychic powers of the two Pokémon becoming stone.

Through Pikachu’s tears and desperation, combined with the original Pokémon and the clones, Ash comes back to life, where Mewtwo understands the importance of love and understanding that arises between his trainer and the Pokémon themselves.

Meanwhile in another world and in another distant galaxy, there is Frieza called the galactic emperor, that is, the only one who commands the armies of the worlds conquered by force, enslaving all the populations that pass under his galactic empire. Frieza, the evil and charismatic enemy par excellence of the world of Dragon Ball, embodies the essence of evil, cunning and malice in creation.

This evil born to command the galaxy that formerly belonged to his father King Cold, is a cynical and ruthless being, heartless in regard to other living beings, especially for the Saiyans, his eternal rivals. One day taken by the story of the Super Saiyan legend and being afraid that one day the Saiyans may rebel and kill him, he decides to blow up the planet Vegeta, the planet of origin of the Saiyans.

Years later, during the Saiyan saga, Frieza, listening to a conversation between Nappa and Vegeta, realizes that there are Dragon Balls capable of granting any wish, thus leaving for Namek.

There he exterminates much of Namek’s population by recovering most of the Dragon Balls. Vegeta after the beating immediately on the Earth, regains his strength and reaches Namek, where he is later joined by Krillin, Bulma and Gohan.

After various vicissitudes Krillin, Gohan, Dende in collaboration with Vegeta and the arrival of Goku retrieve the Dragon Balls, where Frieza, far from the group, realizes that they have managed to awaken the dragon thus starting towards them.

The Grand Elder Guru disappears prematurely before fulfilling all of his wishes, but managing to resurrect and bring Piccolo to life to Namek. Frieza joins the group by starting an epic battle. Shortly after he joins them Piccolo, where in a short time they manage to see the final form of Frieza.

Goku arrives on the battlefield in time to see the death of Vegeta. Thus begins the clash between Frieza and Goku, an epic clash that ends with the transformation of Goku into Super Saiyan and the latter’s victory over Frieza.

Surely two characters who are linked to a sense of personal revenge, to which only those who are truly pure of heart can redeem themselves, while the evil heart can not help but pay the consequences of his evil. But exactly what have in common the two characters? Find out below my video: The comparison between Mewtwo and Frieza.


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