The differences between Bahamut of Final Fantasy VIII – IX – X

What do are the differences of Bahamut from Final Fantasy VIII, IX and X? Come and find out here on my blog!

What do are the differences between the Bahamut from Final Fantasy VIII, IX and X?

Bahamut according to the Arab tradition was a whale, or was also identified as a fish with a bull on its back.

Subsequently through the game: “Dungeons and Dragons”, the figure of Bahamut changes, becoming a dragon, and consequently the king of dragons.

Final Fantasy VIII’s Bahamut can be found in the Deep Sea Research Center is a hidden dungeon located in the upper left corner of the world map.

The player must land the Ragnarok on it to enter. Inside the structure there is a flashing blue pillar in the center of the first room.

If the core is in the middle of an impulse and the group moves, they enter a fixed match against a random enemy formation.

When the group approaches the center instead, a voice asks a question, if the answer is correct the group will fight a ruby ​​dragon,

and if the group wins and answers all the questions they will find the mighty Bahamut ready to face them.

If the player wins the match, Bahamut will join the group as Guardian Force.

Instead in Final Fantasy IX it can be found through a magical object called: “Grenade” that will be given to the player by Beatrix to Zidane,

after the death of Garnet’s mother, that is Queen Brahne in the third game disc.

Subsequently Zidane will deliver it to Garnet, despite that it already initially possessed the power of Bahamut,

the creature was too strong to invoke initially and only with experience and a higher level could release the power of Bahamut.

In Final Fantasy X, on the other hand, Bahamut can be obtained once the temple of Bevelle is completed,

also Bahamut will be able to clash through summoners, or you can face in his dark version called: “Dark Bahamut“, a very powerful being at the service of the religious structure of Yevon,

created only for the infidels of the clergy and those who go beyond the idealism instilled by Yu Yevon.

What do are the differences between the three Bahamut’s? Find out below my video: The differences between the Bahamuts of Final Fantasy VIII – IX – X.


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