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What are the differences between Frozen and Frozen II? Come and find out here on my blog!

Frozen and Frozen II tells the story of two sisters Elsa and Anna who, linked by a very strong brotherly affection,

must however undergo a painful separation from an early age, due to Elsa’s powers linked to ice.

One day not knowing how to control her powers, while playing with Anna she hit her sister in the head.

The royals of the kingdom of Arendelle became aware of this event and promptly brought Anna to the Grand Pabbie,

to have the game replaced with her sister with other memories, erasing Elsa’s powers from the child’s mind.

On their return, the royals therefore had to relegate Elsa to her room, sending her sister away and halving the staff inside the castle.

After the royals set out to sea in search of a solution for Elsa as will be seen in Frozen II, they lose their lives,

where the two sisters keep their distance even further from the source of this tragedy.

Three years after this sad event, Arendelle can celebrate the opening of the doors of the kingdom with the celebration of the new Queen of Arendelle, namely Elsa.

Before the celebration Anna meets Hans to whom, getting engaged in the blink of an eye, the two “lovers” after the celebration of Queen Elsa,

the two decide they want to get married and proclaim their decision to the new queen.

After Elsa’s refusal, Anna desperately tries to move her sister by taking a glove, intimating the latter that if her things don’t feel like leaving the kingdom.

Elsa after Anna’s constant provocations loses control of her powers by manifesting them in public.

So in doing so she runs away frightened out of the kingdom by going far away. After the legendary song: “Let it go”,

Elsa lets go of her power manifesting it joyfully by creating a huge castle of ice.

Meanwhile in Arendelle the cold and winter was freezing the kingdom more and more,

Anna leaves Hans to control the kingdom, thus leaving alone in the hope of finding Elsa.

Finding on her way Kristoff and the reindeer Sven who accompany him to Elsa, they also find Olaf,

thanks to whom they find Elsa who, however, in singing with her sister hits her for the second time, but this time at heart of her.

Anna is quickly taken to the Grand Pabbie where the latter tells him that it takes an act of true love to melt the magic before it is completely frozen.

Kristoff together with Sven and Olaf quickly bring her to the castle from Hans,

the latter taking Elsa to the castle previously unconscious to defend herself from the attackers of the Duke of Weselton,

she finds herself in the castle cells, where after the betrayal of Hans and the his new goal of killing both Elsa and Anna to become king,

in the end brotherly love manages to win over Hans and also dissolving the magic of Elsa who will therefore be able to control his power,

a power that will serve a lot in the Frozen II film . The quintet formed by Anna, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf and this time also Elsa,

set off in the direction of an Enchanted Forest after Elsa had unconsciously awakened the spirits of the elements.

To regain control of the kingdom of Arendelle that had been put under the squeeze by the power of the spirits of the elements,

the quintet enters the enchanted forest, there Elsa finds the way to reach Antohallan,

which on her return she decides to stay in the Enchanted Forest leaving the throne as queen to Anna.

But what are the differences between Frozen and Frozen II? Find out below my video: Special New Year 2020 the differences between Frozen and Frozen II.


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