The History Of Zarok From Medievil

What is the History Of Zarok from Medievil? Come and find out here on my blog!

Zarok is the main antagonist of the video game called: “Medievil“.

He is an evil sorcerer who wanted to conquer the kingdom of Gallowmere with his evil and demonic armies,

but his plan was thwarted by the knight named: “Sir Daniel Fortesque“.

But what is the history of Zarok and origin?

Zarok initially presents itself in the game as an evil sorcerer who subjugated the kingdom of Gallowmere seeking to conquer him.

But before starting the game, the story tells that the evil sorcerer managed to gather an army of demons,

marching against the army of the King Peregrin and commanded by Sir Daniel Fortesque.

After a tremendous battle, the history books told of how Sir Daniel Fortesque managed to kill demons and defeat Zarok before he died.

In reality, Sir Daniel Fortesque was killed by the first stray arrow, while the rest of the army managed to defeat the evil sorcerer.

Zarok in Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom by Federico Carro

Zarok, however, managed to hide and escape, longing in the shadows for 100 years.

Returning to Gallowmere again he enacts his evil plan of conquest, enchanting the citizens of the kingdom and resurrecting the dead,

including his arch rival: Sir Daniel Fortesque. After Zarok manages to corrupt the souls of several beings scattered around Gallowmere,

his aim was to lock Sir Daniel inside his necropolis.

While Sir Daniel struggled to find an escape, Zarok searches for the Shadow Artefact stolen long ago by the Town Mayor.

Later, however, he was found by Sir Daniel Fortesque freeing the Shadow Demons.

In the end cornered, Zarok decides to face his archenemy in the final battle inside his lair, hidden inside his castle.  

But what is the story of Zarok and its origins? Find out below my video: The History Of Zarok.


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