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What is the origin of Frozen? How was the initial idea of the film? Come and find out here on my blog!

What is the origin of Frozen?

Frozen is certainly one of Disney’s most epic films, as well as the film that left many emotions in our hearts,

a single magical imprint on our soul.

Frozen is a film made by Disney in 2013, inspired by the famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen named: “The Snow Queen”.

This film manages to break many cinematographic and even musical records with the famous song: “Let it go”,

thus placing itself among the most famous films in the world.

On a July day, the gates of Arendelle finally reopen, the kingdom so warmly welcomes the new Queen of the kingdom: Elsa.

Before the reception Anna meets Hans with whom they “fall in love” with each other.

After the celebration Hans and Anna decide they want to get married, openly declaring their intentions to the new Queen.

After the denial by Elsa, the latter irritated by Anna’s continued insistence, Elsa loses control of her power, thus manifesting it during the reception.

Confused and scared, she decides to run away. In the song: “Let It go” she accepts and throws away the cloak symbol of her royal power that she wants to deny,

like the last glove that tried to “limit” her powers, thus releasing her magic,

thus creating her own castle and his kingdom away from the rest of the kingdom of Arendelle.

Anna thus starting to find her sister runs into Kristoff and Sven,where through their help and that of Olaf they manage to meet the queen.

The latter in her attempt to remove her sister hits the girl in the heart, who risking freezing her forever, Kristoff takes her to the Grand Pabbie,

to whom he tells him that only an act of love can undo the spell.

Meanwhile Kristoff brings Anna back to the kingdom to meet Hans, Elsa is attacked to the castle, until the chandelier she created falls and knocks her unconscious.

Elsa wakes up in the prisons of the castle of the kingdom of Arendelle where Hans introduces himself to her again,

ordering the girl to stop the perennial ice within the kingdom. Meanwhile Anna arrives at the castle, where after Hans’s infamous act,

the latter goes to look for Elsa who has escaped from prison to kill her.

It will be Anna’s act to save Elsa and herself from the power of her sister, linked together by an act of reciprocal love.

After these events, one day the natural elements are unleashed inside Arendelle forcing people inside the kingdom to flee,

where Elsa hears a voice from afar, a sign of change. Together with Kristoff, Olaf and Anna, Elsa embarks on a journey to reach the forest,

the same forest that chains a false promise not kept by Elsa and Anna’s grandfather.

After countless adventures, Elsa manages to reach Antohallan, while Anna manages to break the agreement thus freeing Arendelle,

from the clutches of the natural elements that wanted to erase Arendelle for not keeping the promise given long ago.

But exactly what are the origin of Frozen? Find out below my video: The origin of Frozen.


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