Who i am

Who i am

Who i am?

My name is Federico Carro

Who am I? I am an artist who practices many disciplines related to art. My name is Federico Carro,

an Italian artist who really likes the world of art, literature, music and any generic art form. I really like working with fantasy,

which has allowed me to create my works. I attended and passed the art high school which allowed me to understand the world of literature,

by starting to write down my first draft of my first novel: “Il segreto del verziere“.

Later through Michael Jackson’s movements I learned to throw myself into the world of dance and at the same time into the world of music.

Through the willpower that Michael gave me I was able to study composition, arrangement and singing,

thus composing my three music albums, also making several music videos, which were launched on Vevo and on many radios in Italy and around the world.

At the same time I continued to write new novels and a collection of my own poems written as a child,

winning several literary competitions subsequently. I wrote a screenplay based on my first novel in my fantasy trilogy: “The King of Light, the Order of the Dark Gods”,

winning several film festivals around the world, including some in Hollywood, plus I wrote my second screenplay from my first novel with the title of: “The secret of the orchard”.

It all started with a simple poem drawn from the heart, an unexpected poem, the power of writing that came out of my soul,

my first poem that ranked first in a literary contest among hundreds of people.

From that secret kept in my heart, it sprouted more and more, opening my path as an artist,

a path that I have undertaken with courage and dedication, which I want to cultivate more and more day after day.

Below the trailer of my first novel of the saga entitled: “The King of light the order of the dark gods”.

Watch the other videos here in my YouTube channel!