Who is Fedrick

Who is Fedrick

A representation of Fedrick created by Gabriele D’Aleo

Fedrick is the main protagonist of the fantasy saga: “The King of Light“, he is a crusader who,

during the wars of the crusades, goes inside the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, finding inside it a green stone,

to which he is sent to another parallel world. He ventures to the forbidden capital pushed in search of his distant love,

finding himself in a thousand situations, he will venture through various vicissitudes,

finding on his path people who will join him as many enemies who will obstruct his way.

It is supported by two of his friends: Radamantio and Jehrais in the first book of the saga, while in subsequent novels by Feil, Fehlt and Deoream.

These characters are very important, because in addition to helping the protagonist,

I also made a spin-off on those characters called: “The knight of light” which will give life to other stories that surround the world of “The king of light”.

Artwork: "The King of light the order of the dark gods" in Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom by Federico Carro
Fedrick accompanied by Fleyrd in the sapphire forest

Fedrick’s story becomes more and more steeped in events as he advances in his adventure,

involving all the people who know him, managing to change desperate situations for the better.

Many people believe him to be a hero, but in reality he is a simple person who wants to return to his world,

however this behavior is not a selfish feeling but rather of survival.

The image represents the first Leviathan created with all the planets in the galaxy,

a mythological and gigantic being taken into custody by the evil Dar Queen, the leader of the order of the dark gods.

Such an evil being leaves for an unknown destination… where will he be headed?

Meanwhile, Fedrick has been thrown to another place far away from his love, constantly traveling in the direction dictated by fate.

Below the trailer for my second novel from my fantasy saga entitled: “The king of light the Leviathan army”.

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