Yoh and Hao in contrast

What have in contrast Yoh and Hao Asakura from Shaman King? Come and find out here on my blog!

Yoh and Hao Asakura are two twin brothers present in the work called: “Shaman King“. But what have in common and in contrast the two brothers?

Yoh Asakura is the main protagonist of the work called: “Shaman King“.

Yoh was born in Japan from Asakura Mikihisa and Asakura Keiko,

where his childhood was spent with his mother and his grandfather Yohmei,

who helped him understand the world of his family, that is, a world surrounded by shamans.

A picture of Yoh Asakura.

Yoh being very lonely due to the powers he inherited from his family,

he is marginalized by the rest of the community, but growing slowly and tending more and more to relax,

and lead a life of a slacker until the age of ten. Before long, a girl named “Anna Kyōyama” enters Yoh’s life and introduces herself as his girlfriend.

From there Yoh begins to be trained hard by his girlfriend, becoming more and more resistant to fight and much stronger than before, embarking on a long journey to become Shaman King.

A picture of Hao Asakura.

On the other side is Hao Asakura, the twin brother and ancestor of Yoh Asakura himself.

Hao was born in Japan during the Heian era he was called in his early life: “Douji Asaha” born to his mother named: “Douji Asanoha“.

One day his mother was killed by a group of humans, where from that moment hatred for human beings was born inside Hao’s heart.

A picture of Hao Asakura and the Spirit of Fire.

It began to increase his powers until he became an adult where through his knowledge he could reincarnate after his death,

which occurred at the hands of his own relatives during a fight. In his second life he decides to reincarnate as a member of the Patch Tribe,

the ones who organized the Shaman King Tournament, managing to steal the Spirit of Fire.

He is later killed but manages to transfer the Spirit of Fire in order to use it in his next life, happening again in his original Asakura bloodline, as Yoh’s twin brother.

But exactly what have in contrast the two characters? Find out below my video: The contrast between Yoh and Hao Asakura.


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