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What have in common Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter? Come and find out here on my blog!

Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter are two works of the usual author named: Yoshihiro Togashi.

Yu Yu Hakusho talks about a boy named Yusuke Urameshi, a rebellious person, with many absences from his school,

where he spends his time between fights especially with Kuwabara. One day, returning home late, he is scolded by his mother,

so when he leaves home he meets a child who mocks him, the latter runs away in the middle of the road,

Yusuke observing a moving car throws himself towards the child, saving his life at cost of her. In a ghost version, Botan is assisted by a guide from the Spirit World who tells him that his death was not expected.

Thanks to Koenma, the ruler of the Spirit World, the collaboration of Kuwabara now a friend of him and Keiko the girl who shares the love with Yusuke, the latter manages to come back to life.

Yusuke is allowed to become the detective of the Spirit World, to which he will have to go along with the missions granted by Koenma, first of all that of recovering artifacts stolen in the Spirit World.

Yusuke here makes the acquaintance of Hiei and Kurama, where he together with Goki,

The boy will have to recover the artifacts from the three thieves and deliver them to the Spirit World.

Yusuke defeats Goki with Botan’s help, Kurama delivers the artifact to Yusuke as he wanted to use it to save his mother, while Hiei is defeated by the boy.

Yusuke is consequently sent by Genkai an elderly fighter who is looking for a successor to make them learn his techniques thus organizing a tournament.

During the tournament a certain Rando, an evil demon, tried to become the disciple of Genkai trying to win the tournament at all costs, Yusuke manages to stop him by becoming the disciple of Genkai himself.

After a different period of training, Yusuke is given the task of leaving and defeating the Four Saint Beasts, along with Kuwabara, Hiei and Kurama.

After several battles the group comes out the winner. Subsequently, the group is forced to participate in the Dark Tournament,

in which after several very difficult fights, Yusuke and his group win against the Toguro brothers and his allies.

After the Tournament another dark presence appears for the group, an extraordinary human person named Sensui.

After various fights, the group and Yusuke will face the opponent towards the direction of the Demon World, here Yusuke possessed by Raizen, his demonic ancestor, defeats Sensui.

Yusuke decided to avenge his final fight against Sensui that he could not fight, he heads towards Raizen.

The latter easily defeats him, Yusuke then decides to train under the ranks of Raizen until the latter disappears from the pangs of hunger.

Meanwhile Hiei goes under another king of the Demon World namely Mukuro, while Kurama under Yomi. Yusuke goes to Yomi to organize a tournament in which the whole Demon World participates.

At the end of the tournament, a friend of Raizen’s wins, where after several time away, Yusuke decides to go home and be with his girlfriend Keiko.

Hunter x Hunter tells the story of a boy named Gon Freecss who was told from an early age that his parents were missing,

Gon lived his life alongside his great-grandmother and aunt Mito. When a hunter named Kite appeared one day,

Gon discovers that the one the hunter he is looking for is Gon’s father: Ging Freecss. Gon is then convinced of becoming a Hunter by taking the exam to become a hunter.

There Gon befriends Kurapika the last remaining member of the Kurta Clan, Leorio a future doctor and Killua Zoldyck,

another twelve-year-old boy who left his former life as a member of the world’s most famous murder family.

Among the many test takers he meets Hisoka a mysterious and deadly Transmuter who takes an interest in him.

Gon and his other friends pass the exam outside of Killua, to which, running away,

Gon and his friends will take him back into the group. Leorio and Kurapika leave temporarily for personal reasons,

while Gon and Killua head to the Heavens Arena, a skyscraper where thousands of martial artists compete in combat tournaments every day.

There they meet a teacher who teach him Nen. A few days later, Gon and Killua reach their goal and start playing Greed Island,

an extremely rare and expensive video game with Nen-like properties following some clues as to where Ging is. They complete the game together,

giving Gon the right to choose the game artifacts needed to reunite with his father. However, Gon decides to be accompanied by Killua to meet his father using the artifacts, but instead they meet Kite.

To which he and he try to clash against a colony of ants that quickly develop a taste for humans and build a colony powerful enough to defeat the population.

Kite sacrifices himself to allow Gon and Killua to escape and alert the Hunter Association, to which they send the association’s president: Isaac Netero.

The latter defeats the ant queen, where subsequently the leaders of the Hunter Association, the Zodiacs, of which Ging is a member, begin the process of choosing Netero’s replacement as president,

where after other vicissitudes Gon finally meets his father Ging. But what have in common Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter? Find out below my video: The comparison between Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter.


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