Zarok and Jafar in comparison

What are the commonalities between Zarok and Jafar? Come and find out here on my blog!

Zarok is the antagonist of the video game: “Medievil“, while Jafar is the antagonist of the Disney movie: “Aladdin“. What do have in common the two antagonists?

Zarok is the evil court magician featured in the video game called: “Medievil”.

He was hired through several consequences by the ruler of Gallowmere: “King Peregrin“.

Zarok thus became his most trusted advisor and his right-hand man in all his decisions.

Zarok’s plans, however, included making the head of the king’s army become “Sir Daniel Fortesque“,

so as to have one in his opposing army unable to command all the soldiers.

Zarok in Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom by Federico Carro

Zarok thus rebelled against the king by deploying an army of demons on his side.

Sir Daniel Fortesque was the first to be killed, but the sorcerer was subsequently defeated.

Zarok after 100 years of waiting returned to take his revenge.

Through his power he took possession of the souls of every inhabitant of Gallowmere and resurrected Sir Daniel Fortesque as well.

The latter took courage and embarked on a thousand adventures until he found himself facing the evil sorcerer, finally managing to defeat him in battle.

On the other hand there is Jafar, the main antagonist of the Disney film: “Aladdin“.

Jafar is a very cunning man who was hired by the Sultan of Agrabah,

and, by mastering the Sultan’s power, he was able to obtain information for the Cave of Wonders.

Jafar tried to find the missing key to his puzzle to enter the Cave of Wonders where after several attempts he finds his answer in Aladdin.

Through a ruse he has the boy arrested but frees him later to take him to the Cave of Wonders by letting him enter inside.

Aladdin so takes the lamp containing a very powerful genie, but Aladdin manages not to fall into the trap of Jafar,

taking possession of the lamp. Jafar now comes to mind that to gain power he had to marry Jasmine,

but a new situation comes within his hands, which is when Aladdin makes his reappearance again.

Jafar then manages to get hold of the lamp, wishing to be a Sultan, the strongest sorcerer in the world and later through a deception of Aladdin,

the most omnipotent genie in the world. In doing so, Jafar is trapped inside the lamp.

What do have in common Zarok and Jafar? Find out below my video: The comparison between Zarok and Jafar.


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