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What have in common the evil Zarok with the malice of Maleficent? Come and find out here on my blog!

Zarok is the evil sorcerer protagonist of the Medievil game, but what have in common with Maleficent? Zarok have magical powers as Maleficent possesses them, Zarok was practically the adviser as well as the right arm of the King Peregrin, to whom Sir Daniel Fortesque himself, as reported in the level: The Entrance Hall, present in the Medievil game, discovered the evil sorcerer during his experiments on dark magic.

After that he was kicked out of the kingdom thus preparing his revenge against Gallowmere. After studying his magical book Zarok manages to prepare an army of demons controlled by his magic, thus marching towards the kingdom of Gallowmere.

During the battle camped as an opposing side by Sir Daniel Fortesque, the sorcerer is defeated, in which the kingdom remains at peace, until the sorcerer returns after 100 years of alleged death.

After his return the evil sorcerer strengthens his magic even more, he manages to make the whole Gallowmere fall under a perennial night, making the inhabitants enchant until possess their souls and their minds, manages to possess most creatures present in the kingdom, resurrecting the dead and even Sir Daniel Fortesque, to which the latter will advance throughout the kingdom, where in the end in the final battle Zarok will be defeated.

Zarok’s return plunges the kingdom of Gallowmere into chaos, as well as confusing the life and death of the beings living in the world of Gallowmere. He manages to create an army with which it invades the whole kingdom, managing to possess everything in a few moves, very good and cunning.

The only point he has never thought of is to resurrect Sir Daniel Fortesque, his archenemy, to whom he alone manages to destroy his dream of conquest, sinking with all his evil kingdom created by him.

Meanwhile, in another world surrounded by magic and mystery there is the kingdom of King Stefan and Queen Leah, where Aurora was born from their relationship. During the day of her baptism, Princess Aurora receives gifts from the fairies, where the third fairy is interrupted by the arrival of Maleficent, who for not being invited curses the princess,

proclaiming Aurora will grow in grace and beauty but prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday. From that event, the kingdom began to defend Aurora by eliminating every spinning wheel of the kingdom, until her sixteenth birthday arrives, where she will be protected in a mysterious place by the three fairies.

When the power of the fairies comes out from inside a house scattered in the middle of the woods, the pet bird of Maleficent: Diablo sees the magic from afar, thus finding the position of Aurora, where in the meantime she had made acquaintance with Philip.

The three fairies taking Aurora to her parents’ castle leave the girl alone, where Maleficent enchants the girl and instigates her to follow a green light that appears in addition to a street made up of a wall by Maleficent’s magic. In meantime the fairies notice this and chase Aurora arriving too late, as the girl had already touched the tip of the spinning wheel.

The three fairies then put the inner kingdom to sleep, while Maleficent sets a trap for Philip, kidnapping him and taking him by force to his castle. The three fairies go to Maleficent’s castle and free Philip, where in the escape Maleficent notices them, who, not knowing how to stop Philip and the magic of the fairies, presents herself transformed into a huge dragon.

After an arduous fight, Philip and the three fairies emerge as winners. Their wickedness have many points in common with revenge, to which an immediate wrong causes a mechanism of hatred and malice, to which both the kingdoms of their surrounding worlds are affected. But what exactly do the two wicked have in common? Find out below in my video: Zarok and the malice in symbiosis with Maleficent.


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